Calabria revealed by Expedia. An exciting journey through history and beauty

The Expedia online guide reveals the beauty of Calabria through an engaging portrait that, between the coast and parks, portrays our region through the eyes of a tourist.

We had written an article back in September about this and our casual contact with the online travel agency, publishing a gallery of images by a Canadian photographer sent by Expedia to regarding Calabria.

After just three months, and very close to Christmas, we finally have received this much anticipated gift: notice that our region is finally present on the site of the agency with services related to the 4 provinces: Cosenza, Catanzaro, Vibo Valentia and Reggio Calabria.

Between the natural, historical and enogastronomical offerings, the Expedia team has highlighted the soul of our “sunny and under explored region,” sometimes wild, but never monotonous, in an incessant dance of surprising and varying panoramas that render the journey to the discovery of our territory a cathartic experience.

Cosenza is described here: as described as a “delightful city” where to enjoy “a pleasant mix of ancient history, fascinating cultural attractions and hospitality of southern Italy”

Catanzaro: https: // “promises spectacular rocky coasts, long beaches with white sand and a wonderfully untamed national park inside”

Vibo Valentia: https: // is the ideal location to “admire castles and sanctuaries, face the fascinating cave systems and sunbathe or relax with a book on the picturesque beaches of this province.”

Finally Reggio Calabria, on the tip of the boot, at ” offers picturesque coastline, a wild mountainous interior and fascinating museums full of treasures.”

Like many small pearls, each province has exploded in different focuses that act as a corollary to the region as a whole, representing precisely the richness that distinguishes every place.

In thanking Expedia for this extraordinary and unexpected opportunity, we can only wish you happy reading along with those whose heart and the spirit passionately love their Calabria.

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