Canadian designer, Laura Iannizzi casting Calabrian models for her August fashion shoot

Calabria begins to be less distant from the rest of the world, thanks in part to us.  It’s not about boasting, we’re just proud of the network that day by day, we are creating as a service to our territory.  In this spirit, and completely voluntary, we have accepted the role of spokesperson for a request that comes from Canada.  In conjunction with Expedia, we have become a tourism intermediary, and now we have an opportunity to be collaborators in the fashion world.

We were contacted by email by Laura Iannizzi, a Toronto designer with Calabrian origins, (her parents are from the province of Reggio Calabria), after she read our article on Fabrizia Aliquò, the Calabrian model who won the THE LOOK OF THE YEAR 2017 competition.

The designer plans to vacation here with her family in the second half of August to visit the birthplaces of her family and, for the occasion, she is planning a photo shoot with Calabrian models for her new collection “Bella Boutique.” It is a recognized haute couture brand for Canadian customers, which offers customized clothes for special occasions. Lace, mesh and jersey are the fabrics that form the base of her creations which combine traditional craftsmanship and modern style. Fairy tale dresses that Laura exhibits in her two boutiques in Montreal and Ottawa, a reference point for those looking for their dream dress.

Laura’s new ambitious project aims to bring some of the beauty of Calabria to Canada: from evocative landscapes to models that with their Mediterranean features will add a touch of made in Italy to the international collections of lannizzi.

Despite the wonderful idea, at the moment the designer is finding it difficult to identify and get in touch with the sought-after figures: 3 models, available to carry out the shooting during the last half of August, near Marina di Gioiosa.

On this note, we have decided to assist her in finding talent: if you are a model and live in Calabria and you are interested in participating in Laura’s project, you can write to the editorial office of Yes Calabria re: “Shooting Bella Boutique,” indicating your contact information. We will turn over the emails received to the designer who will contact you.

Obviously it is a paid opportunity, which you may discuss directly with her.  Knowing that Calabria is full of beauty, we invite you to send in your information to: