Ferrari awards Reggio with Best Rookie Club

yescalabria_ferrari_01The Club from Reggio was honoured as the best rookie club worldwide. On April 2th, 2015 when the boys of the Scuderia Ferrari Club Reggio Calabria introduced themselves to the city with a celebration with nearly a dozen Ferraris and a thousand fans present, the dream was to try to soar above the other clubs and become rookie of the year. It needed to be operational immediately, because the goal was to make a direct hit in just one try. Although they were already four months out from the start of 2015, the management and the nearly 150 members of the organization were not at all discouraged, but rather have been working flat out to build their presence and depth. In addition to triggering immediately an intense campaign of enrollments, the Scuderia Ferrari Club has participated in almost all the main events of the season: the Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari World Finals at Mugello and Factory Tour in Maranello. During the Italian Grand Prix, they debuted a banner depicting two local icons, the Riace Bronzes and the athlete Giusy Versace. The banner, last Fall, swept the online competition aimed at the most beautiful banners for Formula 1, among those was that of the Scuderia Ferrari Club worldwide.

The Reggina partnership won an overwhelming victory, fortifying even more their ambition of continuous growth, not only in memberships but in quality.  A tangible sign of its high profile standing was the twice received message at the end of 2015 from Piero Ferrari and.Massimo Rivola, in which they expressed their sincere appreciation for the quality of work done, in that brief but intense period.

The activities budget of the last year has thus led the Scuderia Ferrari Club Reggio Calabria to the official title of Best Rookie Club of 2015: a very prestigious award, eluding them in the past but paying off now for the members whose passion and demonstrated commitment allowed the Club to rank, among others, 18th among the more numerous clubs throughout the world, and third among the ones in the southern hemisphere, boasting the second best result in the history of the Rookie clubs.

March 4th, at the Product Development Center of Ferrari S.p.A. (Innovative structure designed by the architect Massimiliano Fuksas), well attended for this special occasion by the Presidents of Ferrari Clubs around the world, President Natale Romeo of Reggio, visibly moved, accepted the coveted award.


In the showcase of the club, you’ll find now the rear wing, in carbon, of the F2007 – a sample piece from the Mondo Costruttori e Piloti  with Kimi Raikkonen – given to him by Massimo Rivola – already 12 years with the F1 Team and now head of the Ferrari Driver Academy and the president of the Scuderia Ferrari Club, and by the young Reggino, Dr. Mauro Apicella, operations manager of the club, with a brilliant 11-year path in Maranello despite being only 31 years old.


In addition to the management of associations of the Prancing Horse, we see “Calabria” amongst the victors of the “best foreign club” awards by the Scuderia Ferrari Club of Toronto, whose volcanic president is Antonio Folino, of Calabrian origin. It’s also impossible to forget his career in red, driver Antonio Fuoco, which was just recently confirmed by the Ferrari Driver Academy program. Also a positive result was that of the Scuderia Ferrari Club of Catanzaro, who finished in 14th place overall among all clubs. Among the southern clubs, the Club Messina Acquedolci came in 8th. The program for 2016 for the Scuderia Ferrari Club RC, includes participation in the next Grand Prix of Monaco and all the official Ferrari events: the Ferrari factory visit, the Ferrari World Finals in Daytona (USA), the Belgian Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix. The objective in terms of new memberships in 2016 is clear: to enter the Top Ten among the most numerous club in the world.