Mountain Biking Race August 21st in Camigliatello, Sila

Leo_PaezNext Sunday, August 21st, the A.S.D. Mountain Bike Sila, affiliated with the FCI (Italian Cycling Federation) and in collaboration with the Sila National Park organizes the first edition of Sila Epic, a mountain biking event open to competitive athletes, cyclists and leisure bikers.

The event, sponsored also by the Region of Calabria, will take place in Camigliatello Silano, in the the heart of the Calabrian highlands and provides, through collaboration with the ARSAC, departure and arrival in Tasso, at the sports facilities, which will be set up for the occasion as a form of Bike Village with open stands for athletes and visitors. The federation race will be attended by many sports teams from all over Italy, as well as competitive athletes of national and international importance, such as Colombian, Leo Paez and Diego Alfonso Arias Cuervo. The event seem already to be arousing considerable interest and it is estimated that at the start there may be over 400 bikers. Percorso_Epic

The competition has three paths, one “Epic” of 100 kms at 2900 meters above sea level, a “Marathon” of 70 km at 1900 meters, and “Hiking,” open to amateur bikers, a 30 km race at 900 vertical meters. The elevation of the departure point will be at 1300 meters above sea level, arriving several times at altitudes between 1700 and

1950 meters.

The race offers an opportunity to draw attention to the territory of Sila, a yet undiscovered paradise for bikers, the highlands, albeit in the middle of the Mediterranean, have landscapes and wildlife typically characteristic of the high Apennine and Alpine. In addition, the event will be a way to promote the knowledge and practice of mountain biking in the area, a sport in southern Italy, as elsewhere in the country, experiencing a growing number of participants and fans.

Sila Epic is an immediate candidate to be the mountain biking event of excellence in Calabria and in southern Italy and is why there exists a strong partnership that A.S.D. Mountain Bike Sila has created in these months of preparation. In fact, in addition to Sila National Park Authority, many leading companies in the world of bicycle production and distribution are actively collaborating in the event.

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