New Edition of the Marco Polo guide for Calabria in bookstores May 19th

marcopoloOn May 19th, 2016 we see the release in all Italian bookstores of the new edition of the Marco Polo guide for CALABRIA.

The previous edition sold more than 3,000 copies and was confirmed as the most updated guide dedicated to Calabria available in bookstores.  Compared to the previous edition, there is new and fresh content, but the element that makes it essential for any traveler is the mapping apparatus that the guide provides.  In 2016, in fact, the Marco Polo guides have an additional tool: a chapter devoted to trips, excursions, itineraries and walks in the city, designed and organized to give back to those who travel, the accuracy and reliability of a satellite navigation system, however, enhancing the directions with advice, tips and information. This way, the reader not only reaches a destination able to plan the timing, distance, stops and detours, but highlights the journey allowing the discovery of the beauty the territory offers: beaches, archaeological sites, scenic spots, parks. Also, a very useful table is found at the beginning of each route that indicates the total costs and things useful to bring, when it is best to avoid certain roads or some mountain passes, and what is the most suitable type of traveler for the route (couples, families, friends, etc.).

All of this, you’ll never get from a satellite navigation system!  The Marco Polo guides always combine accurate descriptions and tourist information with a detailed and thorough map. Each guide is in fact accompanied by a removable map (contained in a handy plastic case also good for storing passes, tickets, receipts) and a number of road atlas pages.

The Marco Polo guides are pocket guides that from 2011, 200.000 readers chose for their travels.  In a short time they quickly reached and surpassed other travel series on the market and have grown year after year to see a growth of 10.3% in 2015 compared to 2014.

The new guide CALABRIA “3 in 1”: a guide, a street map and a road atlas

In bookstores from May 19th: 150 color pages, € 12.50.

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