The Existential Poetry of Sonia Vivona in Rende

sonia_yes3Presented on January 3rd at the Museo del Presente di Rende (Cosenza), was the book of poems by Sonia Vivona “Prendimi per mano. Per volare verso nuovi gradi di libertà” (Take me by the hand. To fly to new degree of freedom), published by Aletti Editore.

The event sponsored by the City of Rende, was held before a large audience with great interest, and followed the author’s dialogue with Ombretta Ciapini, anthropologist, writer, creator and host of the Laboratory Project Penelope, and Pasquale Montalto, psychologist, psychotherapist, poet and essayist well known in Italy and elsewhere, who in literature has become a promoter of the Existential Poetry Movement (MPE).

The reading of the poems was accompanied by music performed by the jazz singer Simona Calipari, Luciano Cefalà on bass and Angelo Guido on piano. An exceptional musical group, which has enriched poetic reflections on the art of living and existential poetry.

“‘Take me by the hand,’  is a call for help – says the author – but also an invitation to a meeting between the true and authentic.  It is the story of a journey in search of its own identity in the name of values such as freedom, truth, love, to build a shared project towards the beauty of living. It is a courageous journey towards overcoming existential knots that have limited my life. The poetic language has helped me to recall personal experiences and distant memories but also in a sense becoming the collective life-blood for a project of change and the Beauty of Living.”vivona_yes_11 vivona_yes_10 15942877_10209641731272636_1092555071_ovivona_yes_6

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