Fabiola Danese, a young writer from Puglia speaks with Yes Calabria.

Fabiola DaneseFabiola Danese, a young writer from Puglia with strong Calabrian ties, speaks with Yes Calabria.

Let’s begin with you, who is Fabiola Danese?

Fabiola Danese is an incurable dreamer, and this should say everything about me, but dreaming is actually just the simplest part. The most difficult part is trying to make those dreams come true and it is exactly this that I struggle with. Being a writer is not just what I do, but above all, what I am; I’ve tried to live without this part of me, trying to do something that would guarantee me a fixed salary, but I find that they were the most insignificant months of my life. When you have a strong passion like mine, you can not simply ignore it or pretend that it’s not there. To believe it every day more than before is the hardest thing to do, especially in the publishing world like the Italian one. Despite everything, it did not discourage me and I try to find my happy ending every day.

How did your passion for writing emerge?

The passion for writing is born at that time when you put your nose in a book for the first time, and it happened to me at eleven years old. I still remember that book, a gift that I guard jealously. A good writer is first and foremost a good reader, so I think it’s a necessary step for those who want to approach it the right way in this world. Putting theory into practice, as they say, is what was the case only a few years ago. What I do today, I owe to an important person who has been part of my life, and who unfortunately, no longer exists. To him I made a promise and I take great care to keep it alive in his honor. For three years I have been a self published author and do not regret a single day this choice, although it is not been an easy path.

We arrive at her novel published by Rizzoli. In the description on the internet we read that “’Questo nostro folle amore’ is an intense and overwhelming novel, ready to thrill through the daring journey between a tormented past and a future to be lived.” Can we to talk about this?

Thanks to Rizzoli for believing in a novel that I care a lot about when they didn’t have the space for my other works. For this book I wanted to allow it its own opportunity, because it is a story that came about with extreme simplicity and harmony. Readers of Questo Nostro Folle Amore define Jude and Red, two rebellious souls who can not help but love one another. I fully agree with this view, because I think the message behind the text is just that. My protagonists are both heartbroken, although for different reasons, but they share the fact that they are two young single parents, struggling with mischievous kids. Their meeting will be random, but their closeness will seem to have been chosen by destiny. Between fights, kisses and disappointments, Jude and Red discover that they deserve a second chance to love and be loved, because I do not think, in this world, there is a greater power than love.

Meanwhile, you’ve churned out another ….HouccisoCupidocoverconlogo1

Yes, I came up with a completely different kind of story for my last book. “Ho Ucciso Cupido” (I killed Cupid), is a chick lit, from romantic lines and ironic overtones. I like to stretch with my stories and spoil my readers. This book, in particular, comes from a ‘black’ period and I thought that there was nothing better than to face it, setting the stage for something to put one in a good mood. Len and Ty (my new lead characters), helped me smile even when I did not have any desire, and they allowed me to ease my life and my heart, so to them I extend my greatest thanks.

What projects do you have for the future?

It should all be kept very top secret, in this business making sure there are no spoilers is essential. I can only say that there is always a story ready to be told just around the corner. Even in this case, I think it’s not too far, that corner. I just have to isolate myself from the world for a week or two (my boyfriend, will soon to kill me in my sleep) and give life to a new dream. I’m almost certain to return to the genre that is more suitable to me, the classic romance, but who knows … something new could always come up, stay tuned!

Anything you want to say to your readers?

To my readers I can only say thank you. To be there, to believe in what I do, to love my stories almost as much as I do and pushed me to continue to fulfill my dream, after all I still have a promise to keep, no?!