Reggian Solidarity through music at the Arena of the Strait “Oltre le macerie – artisti solidali”

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy,” said Ludwig van Beethoven. and the event which will be held September 12th, on the Strait of Messina is a fine demonstration: 100 Calabrian artists and 20 groups will perform, from 7 pm to midnight, at the Arena of the Strait in Reggio Calabria, for the initiative “Oltre le macerie yescalabria_oltre_le_macerie_02– artisti solidali,” (Beyond the rubble – artists in solidarity), to raise money for victims of the earthquake in central Italy.  To present the event in the Sala dei Lampadari were promoter Fulvio Cama, president of the cultural Fabulanova; Nicola Petrolino, Fabulanova Artistic Director; Nicola Paris, delegate councilor of large events; Demetrio Delfino, chairman of the city Council of Reggio Calabria; Eduardo Lamberti Castronuovo-provincial commissioner with responsibility for political and cultural planning – cultural heritage – defense of legality; Maria Lucia Parisi, Head of Press Office Oltre le macerie; Sara Perna, the editorial staff of Yes Calabria; Antonio Di Marno, Kiwanis President Reggio Calabria.

An initiative created in an impromptu way, from a message posted on Facebook by Fulvio Cama in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated many areas of Rieti and Abruzzo.  In just two days it has created a unique viral solidarity, seeking the availability of participants from the more than 150 Reggian artists.  To the artists goes the sincerest gratitude of Fulvio Cama for those tonight that will perform; roughly 100 artists and 20 groups. A number that required great organizational effort, as pointed out by Franco Arcidiaco, moderator, who praised the efforts of Fulvio Cama.  

It was the songwriter from Reggio who explained the philosophy of this event. “It is no coincidence that the initiative is taken now, during the Marian feasts. It is an important moment for the city and we hope there is a huge audience that will join in this gesture of solidarity.” Moreover, as noted by the poet Ciccio Errigo, “Cu terremoti, cu guerra e cu paci sta festa si fici e sta festa si faci” also we are earthquake victims who have always been able raise ourselves up and re-emerge.

The message of Cama to the people of central Italy is this: “we won’t recall the road of Acquila. Put together the beautiful stones that you have and start again from there.” Indeed we start again. Because this evening is not only a solidarity event, but an important opportunity to talk about prevention and safety, thanks to the intervention of Carlo Tansi, Director for civil protection Calabria, who will focus on our territory.

Dwelling also on this aspect was Maria Lucia Parisi Febea of Radio Antenna Febea and the Press Office Manager for the event Oltre le macerie. “Today’s event starting point for  important reflection. We need to look at home: it is time for prevention.” Parisi highlighted how the city has responded positively to the initiative: “Now we hope to have a response in economic terms,” ​​he said reiterating the commitment to give resonance to the event by Antenna Febea.

“We need to valorize Reggian artists” is the wish of Eduardo Lamberti Castronuovo, praising the collective response that seems “an ethical and moral lesson.” A lesson that will be visible on a national scale with the participation of RTV that will cover the event with the opportunity to see it through live streaming, because “this initiative represents a way to initiate a positive process.”

Bringing us behind the scenes of the event was Nicola Petrolino who highlighted that Oltre le macerie represents a “musical tale to narrate the territory and the stories of the artists in solidarity with their contributions, forming the plot.” The message? The desire to move forward because “art is able to recompose and to give meaning to life.”

YES Calabria, with a desire to be supportive and provide a positive aspect, is joining the event through its web portal and is shedding light on the importance of the initiative, explains Sara Perna of the editorial staff.

An applause for Yes Calabria came from Nicola Paris who indicated their initiative as commendable, noting how often in cities there lacks a positive outlook, but despite that, the citizens demonstrate positivity in their actions. This event demonstrates the desire of organizations and associations of “devote yourself for solidarity, beyond any political color.”

“We must work together to get out of the cultural and economic rubble,” added Demetrio Delfino, hoping that this event will turn into an annual festival. “It is the first time, if I remember correctly, that you see on a stage so many Reggian artists.”  But there are many others who do not know, he admitted, touting our portal that seeks to give a voice to various Calabrian talent.

“We are the positive side of Calabria,” concluded Cama turning his thoughts to the artists – We must not leave, but like Yes Calabria we have to demonstrate pride and positivity.”

We wait for you tonight at the Arena of the Strait; do not forget to make your gesture of solidarity. How? Just contact the hostess at the event and make your donation in the donation box which will remain under the protection of the Civil Defence, and will be donated in its entirety.

For those not able to participate and wish to donate:

By sms to number 45500;

Or by bonifico bancario a Monte dei Paschi di Siena – filiale di Roma – via del Corso, 232 – Iban: IT 44 P 01030 03200 000006366341,


causale: “Emergenza Terremoto Centro Italia” (donations from outside of Italy use Bic/Swift PASCITMMROM).