The street photography of Giancarlo Colloca

“Scie. Residui di vita incrociata”, the Calabrian artist’s travelling exhibition, goes abroad

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Traces of existence that leave signs, fragments of life made eternal by the camera eye, stories of a minimal infinite time.

This is the raw material of which the exhibition is made, a photographic project by Giancarlo Colloca, a young Calabrian artist and musician from Paravati (province of Vibo Valentia), born and grown amidst the beauty of the sea and nature, motivated by  a lifelong passion for art which has led him to measure himself with different means of expression: painting, drawing and photography.

It was his passion for photography that convinced him to undertake a project of street photography, that has now become a travelling exhibition and led to the institution of a contest.

According to Giancarlo: “the time dot to which the instant when a picture is taken can be reduced is nothing other than a fragment from the line of life, drawn by the picture subject along its path through the world in response to its own vibes and momentum. These lines cross and overlap one another; they move in unison for a while and then go each their own way”. It is life itself that determines our route; following this mechanism, the others leave traces of their passage on the path that lie before us: “some people will remain engraved in our minds because of their indelible bright colours, others will leave a dark streak behind them; some people are like a gentle caress, others will either be forgotten or even go unnoticed”.

“Echi dai sogni” Giancarlo Colloca

These trails are frozen frames that tell a story, and their narrative is never the same. With his photographs, Giancarlo Colloca regales his audience with a fragment of the whole, a “starting point towards new routes, new destinations and a new life”. By virtue of their own perceptions and memories, the observers become the creators of a personal, unique story, which arises from their own interpretation of the moment captured by the picture. “In my photographic research lies the need to perceive the world in its entirety, the desire to make it my own in all its details through a process of abstraction and decoding of the rules governing it: a principle that applies to both the small things of everyday routine and the novelties of life discovered  during my travels”.

After two legs in Calabria and Sicily, the English version of the project has been inaugurated: it was brought to the Gogol Library of Saint Peterburg  from June to July and it is going to reach the Fingy’s Art and Food of Lugnano in September.

In these days, until August 18th, Colloca’s photos can be admired in Calabria too: they are presently on display at the Auditorium Comunale of Sant’Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. as part of the initiative “Insegui l’arte” promoted by the association Primavera Andreolese. The next Italian stage will be the Caffè Morlacchi of Perugia, which will host the exhibition in September.

While his works are on display in Italy and abroad, Giancarlo keeps on with his research, by means of photography as well as music, writing and theatre performances. His curriculum includes the awards of two photographic contests and the cover of a book by an American publisher.


The idea of the contest “Scegli la tua foto e falla tua” – “Choose a picture and make it yours” – has been widely appreciated, not only by young people. It is a way for visitors of the exhibition to become active participants by choosing their favourite image and creating a short story about it (no more than 150 types) that can be published and shared on the fan page of the project ( The most popular story (namely, the one that gets more thumbs up) will its creator the print of the chosen picture once the exhibition has closed.

Impressions, different perspectives, Giancarlo’s shrewd eye offering a personal vision of things, arousing new feelings in us and at the same time presenting us with the possibility  to leave traces that are expressions of our inner life.