Calabria the inspiration for Choreographer Lara Ricco

yescalabria_Lara-Riccio_02-minWe interviewed Lara Riccio, a young Calabrian choreographer, originally from Saracena (CS). Her current project La Trilogia della Parola in Corpo has been on tour since the summer of 2016.

Let’s begin with you, who is Lara Riccio?

Lara Riccio is an independent choreographer, an independent Calabrian choreographer. These are the three words that define me, my state, my origin, my profession. It is not a question of labels, I really try to make my job my passion without worrying about having to meet the needs of the vast public and drawing from the south, in particular Calabria, the material for my creations.

It seems that your relationship with art, through dance, began very early.  An innate passion, or what?

Yes, very early. This is a story of passion and opportunity. In the 90’s the city where I came from did not offer much to a child, you could choose between a school of dance or music.  Given those circumstances, I followed my mother’s passion for dance, her passion has cultivated my own, making it stronger and stronger.  I owe much to her support during the many years of study, the consistency undertaken, and the results I have achieved.

We arrive at the Theatre workshop de’Maicontenti: Dance theater, experimentation.  Let’s talk for a minute about this experience and its role …yescalabria_Lara-Riccio_04-min

The workshop is the incubator of my ideas, a place that allows me to test them and develop them, my safe haven in Bologna. Here is where I developed my first approach to theater and where after a few years I created the idea of joining theater with an art that I had always practiced. From there arose the need to segue into the world of dance theater and to undertake an experiment on body language. I perform experiments, thanks to my role as a teacher and choreographer with the dance company Sipario di Vetro, a position that allows me to work with many people,and get to know many bodies.

On the website, it states that your work “is based on the testing of body languages outside of those that are the most rigid rules of the academic nature of dance.” We’d like you to explain this concept.

For a few years of my life I completely abandoned dance, I was dissatisfied, entangled in academic rules, mostly aesthetic and uncommunicative, not allowing me to express myself better. I was looking for something more original and native at the same time, and found it in what I had always seen but had never noticed, the expressive capacity of the southern women’s gestures. From this insight was born my signature style and my way of working characterized, in experimentation with body language, before spoken language. I also use technique of course, but I do not make the goal of my work.

What is your relationship with Calabria?

As happens with many, I realized that I was Calabrian only after leaving Calabria. The identity grew from being away from home. Calabria is much more than the place of my origin, is the place of my personal and professional identity. From it I draw energy and material for my work, and I hope, for my next project, to involve it in a more concrete way by transferring the staging work to the city of origin.

Yes Calabria wishes you good luck with your work endeavors and a brilliant career!

Thank you.

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