On August 17, Art Festival 2015 will repopulate the oldest streets of Longobardi


On August 17, Longobardi becomes Wonderland for a day: the chapters of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” will come to life in the streets of this small Calabrian village. Organized by the cultural association Longotherapy and supported by the Township of Longobardi, the event will have the town historic centre as its setting. The initiative is aimed at promoting the oldest and remotest streets of the village, that have been abandoned and forgotten in time, and are nowadays unhinabited despite their being Longobardi’s most fascinating featur. A carefully planned itinerary will lead all visitors to the heart of the historic centre, which will be turned into Wonderland for the occasion with the aid of theatrical sceneries and spectacular costumes. Along the way, the oldest town buildings will be open to the public, and many outside spaces, with their distinctive architecture, will become the setting of exhibitions, film screenings, readings, dj mixsets and concerts, featuring musicians, jugglers, buskers, clowns and writers. Art in all its forms will be the true protagonist of these initiatives.   There will be many food & beverage stalls, making up a “food and wine itinerary” that will run parallel to the cultural one, offering delicious dishes made with local foodstuffs.  All the streets that have been made available by the Township of Longobardi for the organization of the event will be cleared up by the association Longotherapy and the town inhabitants: a model of collaboration aimed at the rediscovery of those values, such as cooperation and solidarity, that are the ethical bases of a healthy society with a yearning for self-improvement.

Among the artists on stage during the Festival, there will be:

– Stuart O’Connor: a songwriter and musician from London, for the first time in Calabria on the occasion of the Longotherapy Art Fest. http://youtu.be/lKAMXZD-Q_Y

– Carboidrati official fanpage http://youtu.be/2GJYU9E656U

– Costantino Rizzuti: a skilled musician who knows how to establish a magical atmosphere through his delicate touch and unique musical instruments:http://youtu.be/I4c90XkVCxY

– Thementi Musicband: An up-and-coming  jazz band from Cosenza, already known to the audience of the first edition of the Festival. http://youtu.be/hvib8nEk8BE

– The theatre company La Buffa.

… and many more artists that you will get to know if you come and see this year’s edition of the Art Festival.