Digital Invaders: sharing cultural heritage on social media

#invasionidigitaliCultural goods promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Doing this will be the digital invaders, or to put it better, all those people who will participate, on a designated day at one of the museums that has agreed to let “invaders” take photos to publish on social networks as a new form of sharing – democratic and subsidiary – our cultural heritage. Cosenza taking part, with its Museo dei Bretti e degli Enotri and, on the calendar of these “digital invasions” – is the so called national party event, April 22nd which welcomes the invaders Friday, May 6th.

Invader-chief will be Simone Giosuè Madeo, specialized archaeologist and social media manager in the genre of cultural heritage, in accordance with the Museion srl, which manages additional services offered by the museum. The event begins 7:00pm at the entrance of the building, for a presentation, then the invasion continues inside. All the invaders will be invited to take pictures with their smartphone and tablets of all things most appreciated in the Museum and to publish the shots with the hashtag #invasionidigitali on your favorite social networks to share and disseminate as much as possible their cultural experience.

For the occasion, the entrance fee will be reduced to € 3 for all participants and access up to 10pm is permitted.  The Museum will offer a tasting of typical Calabrian products on the terrace of the complex.

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