Tra le righe – Between the lines: bookcrossing has conquered Palmi

The first zone in the province of Reggio Calabria to be officially dedicated to book-exchange

Books are much more than consumer goods… they are basic necessities and common goods. In Calabria, the case of Palmi, the town in the province of Reggio Calabria where Repaci and Altomonte were born, has become an example of this principle.

It is in Palmi that two avid readers, Elena Lucente and Valentina Caratozzolo, have created the first Official Book Crossing Zone in the province of Reggio, located inside Araba Fenice, at 5, Corso Garibaldi.

Their dream came true one year ago: an initiative that managed to fill the whole community with enthusiasm. Occasional readers, lazy ones and gluttons of books can now say to have found their ideal place, their safe haven.

A winged library, a real-life neverland where books can be “freed” and are completely for free, named after the duo’s literary radio programme Tra le righe – between the lines, on air every Sunday on Radio King International, a no-miss for book enthusiasts.

Once they had bought and organized the shelves, and uploaded the zone address on their official web-site, Valentina and Elena came to realize there were many, many more “serial readers” than they expected. There are people coming and going all the time in the library, which is now full of all kinds of books, including children’s literature and volumes in foreign languages (above all, in English).

Bookcrossing is a 2001 Ron & Kaori Hornbaker idea. The creators of drew inspiration from internet tracking systems to turn the world into a virtual library for the free exchange of books. As of today, about ten million books have been registered on the website.

Each book has a label and an identification code, enabling people to track it, see where it is the world, share comments about it. Once a book has been read, readers can leave it at the same book crossing zone where they first found it, drop it off at another zone in the world or anywhere they want.

Sometimes the book’s journey continues, sometimes it ends… it does not matter.

Books always provide readers with “opportunities”, they are opportunities – as Elena and Valentina like saying – opportunities that should never be missed out.

These two passionate readers have many other ideas and projects in store… all of them to be carried out here, in their deep South were people are in urgent need of books and opportunities.

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