Chef Luigi Ferraro: from Italy to Russia, on to India and now to the Sultanate of Oman

Each dish of Luigi Ferraro is a persuasive and delicious tale that, beginning in the heart of Calabria, containing the tastes and flavors of all the places in the world where he’s lived and worked.

His is an authentic culinary experience, which exalts and enhances Calabrian specialties, combining them wisely with particular and international tones. His dishes can now be enjoyed at the Capri Court, one of the eight world-famous restaurants in the sumptuous Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa, in Muscat, capital of the Sultanate of Oman.

Ferraro has recently landed on the shores of the Gulf to delight and win over Middle Eastern palates, Omani among others; by his side the sous chef of Mantovan origin, Luca Gazzi, has modernized and vitalized the Italian restaurant within the enchanting resort.

Rated as one of the most beautiful in the Gulf, the entire place is run by the German General Manager, Jurgen Dorr, and has an Irish Executive Chef, Shane O’Neill. Here Chef Ferraro, along with his brigade, offers a variety of international dishes with unique and fresh flavors, based on Italian products of excellence, and especially those precious one from southern Italy.

Born in the province of Cosenza, for over twenty years now, Chef Ferraro has worked in the restaurant industry; his passion and his obstinacy have helped him grow, even if he is never quite fully satisfied, he continues to study and improve. For years, “a citizen of the world,” chef Luigi Ferraro observes: “Life is a journey in which to learn something new every day!” This is how Luigi Ferraro defines his path and his culinary art in the world. In fact, through many work experiences in Italy and abroad: Sharm el Sheik, London, Stuttgart, Bangkok, New York, George Town, St. Petersburg, Paris, Moscow, New Delhi, and now a singular land like Oman.

There have been many courses provided on his creative Mediterranean cuisine, among the best known were those carried out in Paris, St. Petersburg, Moscow and those taught by the cooking school of the Italian Culinary Institute. Many events and dinners have been organized around the world, including the “Dinner Gala of the Sanremo Festival” in 2014 organized by our Director, Ilio Masprone; the Gala dinner at Expo Milano 2015 in the Italian pavilion during the week with Calabria as the protagonist, and the cooking show at Expo Milano 2015 in the Alitalia-Etihad pavilion; at PIR Moscow, Taste Moscow, AAHAR in New Delhi, Fine Food India in New Delhi, at the Salone del Gusto in Turin, at Tutto Food Milano and others. In international competitions, he was always among the first, and won two gold medals in Moscow at the International Kremlin Culinary Cup.

His literary efforts were not lacking either!  In fact, he also managed to publish his first book, “Calabria in every sense. A journey with Luigi Ferraro,” in collaboration with the great photographer Riccardo Marcialis, Rubbettino Editore, where he tells of his most important experiences, including a long period in one of the best luxury restaurants in Moscow, during which he received numerous awards internationally and has participated in numerous television programs.

Then the choice to move to India, to New Delhi, at the elegant “Sorrento Restaurant” located inside the luxurious Shangri-La Eros Hotel, of which he was the Italian chef; in just under two years, he also earned prizes and awards: in Mumbai, the “Italian Quality – the Italian Restaurants in the world,” in New Delhi the “Best Chef in India” award in the Best Modern

European Cuisine category at the “Top Chef 2016 Awards” and the award for “Eazydiner the Best European Restaurant in a Hotel for the year 2016.”

They have been full and rich years as only a great chef knows, subjecting themselves to strict assessments and comparing them fearlessly with other great chefs, which is why the Calabrian Region could only enhance this dedication by naming it “Ambasciatore della buona Calabria a tavola nel mondo” One of the few, if not perhaps the only young Calabrian, who with constant commitment makes known to the world, the products and the excellence of his land.

Other noteworthy awards were the coveted prize organized by our director Ilio Masprone “Italian Professionalism in the World.” awarded in Montecarlo, the International Award “La Calabria nel Mondo” 24th Edition, awarded in Rome, in Campidoglio, and the title of “Ambasciatore per l’Accademia del Bergamotto.”  There were also important TV appearances, such as creating a dish for Mediaset on “TG5 Gusto,” participation in “The Cooking Show” and an interview live from Moscow, organized by RAI1 for the program “Uno Mattina.”

The passion for cooking of chef Luigi Ferraro is instinctive, it is an “ideal cultural space” where he can create and experiment, where his imagination liberates his creativity  The knowledge and application of the different cooking procedures are important for him and given the

his attention to detail, he prefers simple preparations, which oppress every ingredient as little as possible. As in life, and above all in the kitchen, he always looks for the best: every ingredient is fresh, bought and stored in the right way. From the small decorations to the combinations of flavors, the presentation of the dishes full of meticulous details; every detail is aesthetic and precise, expressing his commitment and love for his work.

The energy of this impulse has kept and continues to keep him alive in the desire to stay in motion, to grow and create, to know and to learn. He is a chef who recognizes the right value of modern techniques, who proposes in detail his love for quality cooking without “compromise.” A cook cooking with the head, but that always with heart.

Article by Alessandra LUTI published on Il_Foglio_Italiano – Magazine for Italians worldwide