Aragonese Marathon 2017

The countdown begins for the start of the 2017 edition of the Aragonese Marathon, the GranFondo mountain biking race – determining leg for the trophy Trofeo dei Parchi – organized by the Associazione sportiva dilettantistica Ciclistica Castrovillari, [amateur cycling association] chaired by Antonio Limonti.

The race, along the technical yet evocative route through the beauty of the Pollino National Park – a sponsor for the event together with Polisportiva del Pollino – is characterized by the Imperticata, the climb up the steep slopes of Mount Moschereto. This is the distinctive feature of the event involving the local areas of Castrovillari, Frascineto and Civita, with the aim of enhancing the natural environment of the three municipalities involved while highlighting the attraction of eco-friendly sport tourism within high-profile conservation area.

On June 11th, from Via Roma in the heart of Castrovillari, the athletes will depart for the battle, pedaling along the two planned racing courses. The Marathon route will wind along the paths of the Pollino Park for 66km, with a total incline of 2,645 hm. The Gran Fondo trail will then be a 47km stretch with an incline of 1,680 hm. The third trail will lead the enthusiasts along the most impressive 30 km trail of the race.  The allure of evocative views will not be missed here, from Castrovillari and Conca del Re to the territory of Frascineto where athletes meet the climb at Mount Moschereto before heading down towards Civita, famous for the Raganello Gorges, listed in the International mapping system which earned the Pillino Park recognition by Unesco as a Global Geopark.

“Our great attention to the territory, as well as the passion for the cycling – remarks the president of the Association of Cyclists for Castrovillari, Antonio Limonti – has always distinguished us in the planning and promotion of our activities that look to the development of sustainable tourism.»  The Marathon of the Aragonese has now become an important event for the area that has been able to combine the promotion of the sites, the products of Pollino, and the identity of Pollino over time, hoping to always create more synergy with the other great sporting events of the Trofeo del Parco Naturale and the Pollino Marathon that will take place in Terranova di Pollino, in Basilicata, on June 25th.
“Making an impression with this great event – continues Limonti – can really promote Pollino mountains with the importance and attention they deserve as an ideal place for outdoor sports, triggering interest in the type of tourism compatible with our natural wonders.”