The MaRC inaugurates the initiative “Summer NIghts” with a reduced ticket price of €3 from the 20th to the 23rd

yescalabria_marrc_01It will be called “Summer Nights” the initiative of the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria kicks off Saturday, June 25th. Concerts, exclusive exhibitions of artifacts present in the Palazzo Piacentini and many other cultural initiatives to enrich the cultural offerings of the Museum and allow visitors during their informative journey, to admire the new productions of MArRC.

The rich program will occur during evening hours of the museum, every Saturday, from 8pm to 11pm (last entrance at 10:30pm), with a significant reduction in the entrance fee, only 3€ for all visitors, except of course for those that already have free entrance.

“In May alone we have registered more than 30,000 visitors – says the Director of MArRC Carmelo Malacrino. A positive sign for the museum and the collections returned to the city after the reopening on April 30th. The National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, in this way, aims to be a workshop of culture. Not only archaeological, but embracing all the fields, humanistic, scientific and academic.  It is an invaluable collaboration with the Conservatory “Francesco Cilea” and its Director Franco Barilla, who also chose the MArRC among the localities for the concert season this year.  Along with many other local associations and schools in the province, with the reopening they are proposing – Malacrino concludes – to contribute to the creation of a cultural network, perceived as necessary for the growth of the city of Reggio Calabria and all of Calabria.”

The initiative “Summer Nights”  begins with a grand sneak preview. The exhibition, only for Saturday evening of the Archaistic erma in white marble discovered in Scalea, in the locality of Fischija, and probably relevant amongst the decorative elements of a large Roman villa of the first imperial age. It depicts a young girl with her rich and elaborate hairstyle of long parallel curls and an elegant knot at the nape, that the anonymous sculptor realized in the first century A.D. referring to the archaic and classical Greek models.

A not to miss appointment at 9:30pm with Dr. Claudio Sabbione, who for many years has been the head of the archaeological areas of Crotone and Locri, and contributor to the new staging of the MArRC. On Level B there will be an exhibit of the large sanctuary Locrian Marasà, starting from the large painted pottery of the Archaic period to the imposing Ionic column and the well known Dioscuri marble.


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