The message of Giusy Versace along with i Figli della Luna

GRANGALA-FIGLILUNA-130117 (4)Disability, any difficulty can be overcome, any obstacle can be cleared, in order to make a new start. This strong social message and the personal experience of Giusy Versace laid the framework for the beautiful and extraordinary movement of solidarity in Rossano and the territory with the highly successful Gran Gala Dance organized by the social cooperative I Figli Della Luna, held in recent days in Palaeventi. Dancing with Raimondo Todaro, dancer and actor, was the famous national Paralympic athlete and presenter finishing to a round of applause by nearly 1000 spectators in an evening of shared emotions.

To underline the successful attendance and the quality of the event was also Mayor Stefano Mascaro who welcomed Versace to the city of Codex and reiterated his gratitude to I Figli Della Luna by members of the local Administration, led by Lorenzo Notaristefano for their constant, intellectual and efficient efforts on issues of divers-ability and especially the widespread awareness in the community and public institutions. 

19 dance schools from the area performed in many various disciplines, entertaining the crowd for nearly four hours.GRANGALA-FIGLILUNA-130117 (10)

Presented by Michele Conversano, performing was l’Accademia Musicale, A.S.D. BYZ Skating, L.A.Fitness ASD of Lorena Alvarez, Ballerine Crescono of Rosaura Stasi, Be Funcky Academy of Domenico De Pasquale, Centro Studi Danza e Fitness Ballet School of Anna e Maria Giada Civale, Scuola di Danza Artisti of Antonietta De Simone, Fantasy Dance Centro Studi d’Arte of Carlo, Alisia e Elena, Scuola Internazionale di Danza of Carmen Biscardi, Il Ritmo del Successo of Sonia De Simone e Francesca Le Fosse, Dance Accademy School of Paolo Marincolo, Heart Beat Club of Ivan Toretti, Paradise of the Dance of Giorgio Graziano, Eurolire of Francesco Coverso, PlanetGym of Benito TOSCANO, Cigno Nero Dance School of Caterina Ugolini e Eva Oszlansky.  Time was also devoted to singing with the performance of two students of the music school of Agostino Brunetti.

GRANGALA-FIGLILUNA-130117 (13)Over 1150 tickets were sold for the charity event that during its conclusion awarded three participants with raffle prizes. A painting by artist Alessio Fico, depicting the face of a woman, was awarded to the winner of third prize: Valentina Zangaro. The fortunate one who won a week-long cruise (February 16th to 21st, from Civitavecchia) on board Costa Favolosa was Assunta Larocca.  They are still hunting for the winner of second prize absent during the drawing (lucky ticket Y46).  The ticket holder may contact Marilena at 339.5290518 or 389.4636562 for Luciana – All non winning ticket are entitled to a discount of up to 300 EURO per cabin when you book a Costa cruise at the agency Zagara Travel Corigliano until Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

The Castrovillari Volleyball School paid tribute to the athlete-dancer with a team jersey.  Also, much appreciated by the Calabrian, Giusy Versace was the time dedicated to identity by the folklore group Le Pacchiane Di Crosia in traditional costume.GRANGALA-FIGLILUNA-130117 (12)

The event, sponsored by the municipalities of Rossano, Crosia, Caloveto, Paludi and the Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (CSEN) of Cosenza where also the regional director Giuseppe Graziano and the Councillor for Education of the City of Crosia, Graziella Guido addressed the crowd.