Mino Reitano: from Calabria to the Beatles, published the first biography of the Reggian singer/author

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“Resta Qui – L’Italia di Mino Reitano,” comes the first official biography published by Dino Vitola, Editor and signed by David Beltrano (The Madman), dedicated to the Calabrian singer (who died prematurely at the age of 65 in 2009) originally of San Pietro di Fiumara (RC).

Reitano is also known as a proud and Southern pride, and turning the world has enhanced its Calabrian land giving it visibility. He was ambassador to the Calabria and today all the cities in his region are honoring him by dedicating streets, squares and auditoriums. In the book, among other anecdotes, he tells how Reitano just for the sake of his country rejected the proposal to Frank Sinatra to move to America, “Your roots, they say, are more important than any success.”

His posthumous award and the memories of family members draw a character much more current than you can imagine. A portrait that reveals private aspects and often remained in the shadows as his “Honorary degree in Sociology,” which was awarded to him by the University “Pro Deo” of New York, or his novel” Oh Saviour,” which in 1977 entered into the quintet of finalists for the “Stand Award” by Luca Goldoni, Sergio Saviane and other well-known writers.

In 144 pages there’s much space for the story of a migrant, when in the early 60’s he had to leave Italy and move to Germany, where Hamburg repeatedly meets the future Beatles still calling themselves Silver and played in rotation with Mino and his brothers.

The publication is enhanced by an extensive photo section and an attached CD with an original composition played by his daughter Grace, dedicated to his father.