The screening of “Il miracolo” at the Rome Film Fest

L'attrice Alessandra Costanzo

The screening of the short film “Il Miracolo” is scheduled for October 23, 10.30 am, at Cinema Avorio, as part of “Alice nelle città”, the Rome Film Fest side-section dedicated to the younger generations. Entirely set in Reggio Calabria, the film was shot during a summer filmmaking workshop that was organized by Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo FeDS and the association “Reggio Cinema”.

The shooting of this film, which was part of Factory – a project launched by FeDS – was carried out by ten young people under 30, coming from all of Italy, who took part in the filmmaking programme coordinated by Fabio Mollo, a young director from Reggio. Assisted by Italian professionals such as the screewriter Josella Porto, the director Piero Messina, the cinematographer Francesco Di Giacomo and the editor Filippo Montemurro, they wrote, directed and edited “Il Miracolo”, a 15-minute short film.

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After its first screening by the front entrance of theatre “F. Cilea” in Reggio Calabria, the film was successfully presented at the 72nd Venice Film Festival in September.

It is a typical Southern story, in which family ties, folk traditions and a persistent religious feeling are deeply interwoven: Assuntina (played by Alessandra Costanzo, who had already been in the cast of Mollo’s “Il Sud è niente”) is an old woman who lives with Luisella, a hen that has not been able to lay eggs for quite some time. She falls prey to a bad omen, which makes her preoccupation with her two seemingly unreconcilable sons even harder to endure. Until something unexpected occurs, and she convinces herself she has witnessed the miracle she was hanging on for. The short film is a contemporary take on those popular beliefs and the quest for sacredness that are characteristic of the Southern Italy background.

The young directors of “Il Miracolo” are: Serena Aragona, Honglei Bao, Fabrizio Benvenuto, Luca Cenname, Michele Leonardi, Alberto Mangiapane, Domenico Modafferi, Alain Parroni, Maria Giovanna Postorino, Mario Vitale. Besides Costanzo, the cast list features Costantino Comito, Americo Melchionda and Michele Leonardi.