In Mangiana, a new scientific walking path through the woods

Schermata 2016-04-12 alle 15.30.50In the woods of Marchesale Mongiana (VV), the location of Serre Vibonesi known for the Mongiana Royal Iron Foundries that once rested here, was inaugurated the first technical-scientific walking path for sustainable forest management, enabled by the National Research Council (CNR).

The course, which consists of six stations and twelve information boards, was developed by the Istituto di biologia agroambientale e forestale del Cnr (Ibaf) in collaboration with the Istituto per i sistemi agricoli e forestali (Isafom) and the Utb of Mongiana for the European project, Life + ManFor C.Bd. (Managing forests for multiple purposes: carbon, biodiversity and socio-economic wellbeing).

It is a project that has been developing since 2010, in 10 forest areas between Italy and Slovenia, a series of comparisons between the traditional management and various more innovative options, which provide multi-functionality, i.e. the parallel development of three major functions of forests: wood production, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity conservation.

Besides Mongiana and three sites in Slovenia, also involved in the project are the following locations: Cansiglio (Belluno-Treviso-Pordenone), Chiarano – Sparvera (L’Aquila), Lorenzago di Cadore (Belluno), Pennataro-Montedimezzo (Isernia), Tarvisio and Vallombrosa (Florence).

As he explains, Dr. Giorgio Matteucci, senior researcher at the National Research Council and coordinator of the project Life + ManFor C.Bd., the activities carried out in Marchesale have returned, in the last five years, very important results, adding, “The Mongiana forest has increased by 10% biodiversity and improved the production of wood, which being of higher quality than that obtained with traditional management, seeing the best prices in the market.”Giorgio Matteucci

The new scientific path immersed in nature, aimed also at schools, offering a range of in-depth information on insects, dead wood, amphibians, birds, forest management methods and more.

(Giorgio Matteucci shown here)