Reopening of the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria

MArRC-Loc-30aprile2016 (1)The immense heritage held within the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria becomes available, in its entirety, to the general public. The official reopening date is April 30th, 2106. Confirming this was the new director of the Museum, Carmelo Malacrino who, with enthusiasm and his voice breaking with emotion, alerted the press with the big announcement. “This is an important moment for the museum, the city of Reggio, the region and the entire area of the Strait.” The opening, which will also be attended by the Culture Minister, Dario Franceschini, marks a new chapter in the history of Palazzo Piacentini which reveals a completely new look.

The new image, starts with the logo (MArRC), many renovated spaces such as ticketing office and of course many new treasures to discover. Many finds that until now have been left in storage have finally found a place within the four exhibition floors of Palazzo Piacentini and the 200 museum window displays. “All the exhibits have been restored,” says the director. Visitors can also admire the large mosaic with the depiction of athletes found in the Palace Garner section, as well as a lapidary, with its large architectural elements and inscriptions which will be exhibited in different parts of the museum. The main attraction is surely represented by the Hellenistic catacombs. “We will offer to the public the chance to visit a part of the necropolis discovered in 1932 when it the construction work on the of the building’s edifice.”

To make the museum experience even more complete, every month there will on display two simultaneous exhibitions. Until May 31st the exhibition “Olympus and heroes” continues, then they will add a second exhibit dedicated to navigation in ancient times, which is currently a work in progress by architect Antonino Giordano assisted by the students participating in the ministerial program “Youth and Culture.” The good news doesn’t end there, to “reintroduce” the museum to the city residents and tourists, the MArRC will offer, every Wednesday, a discounted price visit, (6 € the cost of a full price ticket; 4€ reduced price).

“The museum wants to actively contribute to creating a new image for Calabria,” were the words of the Director who emphasized the important contributions made by the institutions in regards to the realisation of the inaugural event to be held on April 30th, as well as the synergy with local associations. Present at the meeting was Edoardo Lamberti Castronuovo, Head of the Department of Culture of the Province of Reggio Calabria, Salvatore Bullotta representing the Region of Calabria, Patrizia Nardi, Head of Culture of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria; Salvatore Patamia Regional Secretary of Mibac; Aldo Alabisio, of the Italian Postal Office; Rocco Gangemi, head of the delegation “Fai di Reggio Calabria; and Sergio Stassi of the Italian rail network. Taking the floor, all those present highlighted the great efforts made by the Director, here in Reggio only 6 months, and the desire of the represented organizations to bring new value to the museum as a cultural focal point of the city.

The dedication on the part of the province to the archaeological museum, begins with a concert on April 25th organized by the Stati generali della Cultura. The event preparations by the region, in collaboration with Azienda Calabria Verde, include an area with native plants; the renewed commitment of Fai RC will provide the museum 99 students guides, also trained in languages, to accompany the students. Touring will provide their own guides every Sunday from 9:30 to 13:00 for tours of the Hellenistic tombs. The Italian postal system has created for the event, a special stamp will be affixed on postcards for the occasion and distributed during the event. Musical contribution by the Conservatory of Reggio with music for the opening.

“We expect a crowd of visitors,” is the hope of the Director who added that April 30th marks the beginning of a new adventure. The opening day activities will be divided into two parts: in the morning, at 11.00, there will be an institutional ceremony in the presence of Minister Franceschini. Then at 3:00 pm, the appointment is with the public, and for May 1st, the Director announces a free visit museum opening.

Some useful information on opening days and hours: the museum will be open on April 25th from 9:00 to 20:00, with last admission at 19:30. It will be closed from April 26th to the 29th for completion of the last details for the official opening. From May 2nd, the price of the tickets will be 8 euro and 4 euro reduced.