In Calabria the first laboratory in Europe for Energy Examination

The Calabria that works you’ll find in a bunker with reinforced concrete, in which they are building a futuristic machine which will carry us directly into the future.  It is a scientific project “Materia/STAR,” a unique laboratory of its kind in Europe, located in Cosenza.  To speak about the project is Riccardo Luna from the program “The Innovation Place*” in an interview by Riccardo Barberi, the professor of physics at the University of Calabria.

“This bunker must briefly accommodate a new X-ray source that will serve to examine matter,” explains Professor Barbieri, an expert in innovation.

An infrastructure built in three years, an extremely short period for this type of construction and will be operational by the end of next year.

A machine that puts the University of Calabria at the forefront of the rest of the country, but it is also an example of innovation for all of Italy because this is the first machine of its type in Italy. “There’s another INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare ndr) in Frascati but this is the first machine that was built to operate continuously and to use in the field,” continues Barbieri.

A project that proves another South exists thanks to ambitious Start Ups and intellect no longer on the run but happy to be back home and be able to work on innovative projects.yescalabria_innovationplace_01

*”The Innovation Place” is a production of Riccardo Luna, under the direction of Giampaolo Colletti, produced by Visualdesk Elemedia, Director, Sonny Anzelotti, Executive Producer, Anna Rutolo, Editing, Paolo Saracino, Filming by Vito Pagano, Francis D’Costa, Maurizio Stanzione, Production Roberta Mosca, Secretary, Giulio Contri.

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