Christmas at the MarRC lights up with special events and openings

yescalabria_natale_marrc_02Presented to the press was the program of the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria for the upcoming holiday season.

Exhibitions, concerts, special openings and workshops dedicated to children will be the focus of the full program of holiday events.

Touting the importance of these initiatives was the director of the MarRC, Carmelo Malacrino stressing that “there is need for culture in Calabria and we need to reshape the image of an area with great potential, which, with its artistic beauty can be a substantive attraction of tourism, with consequential economic growth of our region.”

The first event is scheduled for Friday, December 2nd with the Christmas Tree Lighting. In addition, starting Monday December 4th, they will initiate special openings through the initiative “Open for Christmas.”

A Museum that will be adapted for children. The activities designed to involve children run from Sunday, December 4th that in addition to the “Sunday at the” museum with free admission, will give space to “Post office at the MArRC” where all the children can send something, or leave a message, a greeting or a suggestion with real post-its made available. An initiative that “is the natural continuation of a path already put in place by the growth of the Museum – said the director – thanks to the initiative of a questionnaire that visitors are receiving to express their views in the hopes of continual improvement”.

Among other initiatives dedicated to children to mark on the agenda on December 17th with an educational workshop “Paint the Old” by the Office of Education and Research of the MArRC and on January 6th with “Celebrating Epiphany with ENIG-MArRC” a real treasure hunt among the encased relics that provides for the distribution of free educational games.

There will be space for adults as well, thanks to the exhibition “Nomisma: regio e le sue monete” which opens on December 22nd, curated by Director Carmelo Malacrino and Associate Professor of Medieval Numismatics at the University of Messina, Daniele Castrizio.

Thanks to the support of the volunteers of the Touring Club, from December 7th and every Wednesday and weekend it will be also possible to visit the Hellenistic necropolis found in the basement of Palazzo Piacentini.

Un calendario davvero ricco di eventi “che è stato possibile – conclude il direttore Malacrino – grazie agli sforzi e alla preziosa collaborazione degli enti: il Parco Nazionale dell’Aspromonte, il Conservatorio Francesco Cilea, il Centro studi scrittori della Calabria, il Centro studi Pythagoras.

Another event not to be missed will be the presence of Professor Giorgia Gargano, Honorary Inspector of Numismatic Heritage of Calabria, who on December 15th held a conference on “Stories of Museums: stories of men.” An occasion in which the new Superintendent (Dr. Irene Berlingò) will officially be presented to the city.

Sunday, December 18th, visitors will also have an exceptional guide: Director Malacrino, who will illustrate to visitors the ancient history of our land and accompany the public during the visit of the Museum.

A full calendar of events “that was made possible – remarks Director Malacrino – thanks to the efforts and collaboration of the following agencies:  il Parco Nazionale dell’Aspromonte, il Conservatorio Francesco Cilea, il Centro studi scrittori della Calabria, il Centro studi Pythagoras.

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