New Year’s Eve in Piazza Bilotti with Alvaro Soler!

yescalabria_alvaro-solerThe news already leaked out a few weeks ago and today, giving the official announcement, is the Independent Concerts with their statement that ,in a only a few short minutes, made its way around the web. Confirmed: Alvaro Soler will be on the stage in Piazza Bilotti, in Cosenza, on December 31st to share New Year’s Eve with the citizens and visitors who traditionally, in San Silvestro, come from all over the Calabria to await the start of the new year under the stars.

The very pleased Mayor, Mario Occhiuto remarks: “For the first time in the history of New Year’s in the Cosentino square, we are disclosing in advance the identity of the artist who will be performing in this highly anticipated event. All of this is the result of targeted cultural and financial policies, that would primarily target our youth. The international name we chose – he adds – is a positive symbol of his generation and the lifestyle they represent. I am sure, given the success of his hit, it will not only guarantee a fun evening for everyone, but will shine the spotlight on the city of Cosenza, bolstering an increase in tourism and consequential economic growth for businesses and local agencies.”

Alvaro Soler, of course, is a young pop music star of that, in the wake of his sales success (the hit song of last summer still rings in my ear,”Sofia,” which has won 6 platinum discs), also dedicating his popularity to be a judge on X-Factor Italy 10. He racked up a few platinum records on the charts, as well as a gold record for the new version of the album “Eternal August italian edition.” The songs “Sofia,” “El mismo sol” and the new single “Libre” sung in a duet with Emma, ​​all contained in the album “Eternal August italian edition” which has remained for weeks at the top of the standings and even now, after 23 consecutive weeks, with the standard version and repack, are among the top 30 best-selling albums in Italy. In the aforementioned album, a collaboration with Max Gazzè in “Sonrio” ( “La Vita com’è”) and the English version of “El mismo sol” that has Alvaro singing a duet with Latin American superstar Jennifer Lopez.