New life for the terraced gardens of Canna; 9 hectares of cannabis planted

SEMINA-CANNA-140416 (2)After decades of neglect, the terraced gardens that extend to the valley and town of Canna, are returning to life. Nine hectares of land will be allocated to industrial hemp production. The initiative, brought about by the Associations Res Cannae and Punto Verde Canapa, along with the local municipal administration are the antidote to the isolation and abandonment of inland areas, as well as new employment and development opportunities for the whole territory.
The return to the earth by a new generation – said the of the City of Canna – is not only possible, but should be stimulated with conviction and responsibility, especially by local institutions, as the experience of the associations Res Cannae and Punto Verde Canapa shows.

This applies even more so to areas which would otherwise remain isolated and abandoned as is the case with other internal areas of our region, for which – concludes the Mayor Panarace – the intelligent appreciation of our identifying heritage remains the only way out. The two associations have planted the seeds in about 9 hectares of land left untreated for over fifteen years. The plants will be destined to the textile sector. Applying the skills of young people involved, they will harvest the fully organic yarn to make breathable fabrics.

In the village supporting hemp production, it finally becomes reality. Focused on the principal riches of the area to give back to the younger generation an environment in which to develop their talents, enriched by a close relationship with nature. The new generation returns to the earth in an intelligent way and with conscious serenity. This is the mission of the two associations Res Cannae and Punto Verde Canapa who will promote, Saturday, May 21st and Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 an evening of artisan beer and local products made from hemp. The event will be held in the Market Square, at 8pm.