“Oltreconfine” from Calabria comes a project for refugees in Greece.

Oltreconfine_YesCalabria1The solidarity of Calabria for the refugees housed in the camps of Greece doesn’t stop. After the success of the initiative at the camp of Idomeni, on the border with Macedonia, #calabriaXidomeni relaunches a new project called “Oltreconfine. Cooperare per restare umani.”  Partners in the initiative are the association MEET Project of Catanzaro, Viva la Vida of Mormanno and the association Camminiamo Insieme of Palmi.

In merit, the project includes a “relay team of volunteers to monitor the government camps and unofficial camps in or near Thessaloniki, Greece from June 15th to August 30, 2016, the purchase and distribution of hygiene kits and food for adults and children, days of animation and cultural mediation by professionals, legal support to 5 families handling requests for asylum and family reunification.”

Also provided will be material support (food, housing, medical expenses, transport) to 5 families for the next six months.

To all those who wish to contribute to the initiatives of solidarity, the organizers suggest the “support the project in an integrated way,” or “adopt a family long-distance,” using the online platform http://linkpdb.me/10814.

Josephine Cacciaguerra, international collaborator, is among the animators of the project, and Yes Calabria reached her for comment: “We strongly believe that sheltering and integration are the foundations for a future that has the concept of co-development as a central pivot. For this reason we will continue to protect the people and not the borders therefore going #oltreconfine with anyone who wants to remain human ”


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