Olive oil that can be made at home, a Calabrian idea

Aceite 6

It is now possible to make extra-virgin olive oil at home. This is one of those news that travel quickly around the world. And… it is true. The Calabrian start-up company Foodtech AGE, based in Lamezia Terme and featuring a staff that is well-grounded in both the food industry and electromechanics engineering, has just devised a kitchen robot that will enable its proud possessors to self-produce olive oil at home whenever they feel like it. Its name is RevOILution, and we can see it being on everybody’s mouth in the near future. Industrial oil presses will not suddenly disappear, but the possibility to self-produce extra-virgin olive oil is certainly meant to change something in this industry and alter its market conditions.

Established and run by Antonio Pagliaro, the company had already won Talent Lab Calabria, when it was shortlisted for the Start Up Initiative in July , a project set up by Intesa San Paolo for the promotion of technologically innovative business;  the initiative was launched as part of Food Tech Open Innovation Days, an event in partnership with Expo and dedicated to the newest safety and food-tracking technologies. AGE is going back to ExPO this year for the presentation of the 1.0 prototype of RevOILution at the open stall of Corriere della Sera. Its name is CasaCorriere@Expo, a pavilion made with «”green” materials, a transparent structure in the heart of 2015 Expo Milan: a sort of open newsroom where visitors can read the latest news, understand what it means to be a journalist today, vote their favourite pavilion with ViviMilano, take part in interactive exhibitions on the Expo featured themes, find out what is on offer at Expo, but also outside of it, by examining a series of “Illustrious Itineraries”»

How does this robot work? It is quite simple: the grinding mechanism is the one found in oil presses, only its size and technical specs are different. The cold-press process employed by RevOILution, as its inventors say, is guaranteed to leave its users more than satisfied.

During Italia Oggi, Antonio Pagliaro declared: «RevOILution allows its users to freeze their stock of fresh olives and use them at any other time of the year, and the final product will still be high-quality oil. Our aim was to give a traditional turn to a fine example of avant-garde technology ».