In Palmi, a telescope on the horizon

Il cannocchiale donato dai marinaiTo look beyond. In the broadest possible sense of the definition: being able to see beyond the sea, beyond the storms seen as obstacles and the difficulties of life. At least that’s how it was interpreted through a concrete act by the Guild of sailors from the “Varia” of Palmi. The group donated a state of the art telescope to observe from a privileged point the two active volcanoes of Stromboli and Etna as well as the Aeolian Islands and the stretch of the Calabrian coast on the Strait of Messina.  In their view it will benefit not only the citizens of Palmi but the tourists who may use the telescope, free of charge. The town in the province of Reggio Calabria has the peculiarity of being able to offer extraordinary views and such a tool will allow many to admire this amazing panorama. The details were disclosed during a recent conference while the actual installation of the telescope would take place in March.Il belvedere che sarà intitolato al giudice Scopelliti

The site where the telescope will be placed takes on a double significance because the viewpoint is named after Judge Antonino Scopelliti: the valor of justice coupled with the scenic landscape.  To better explain this particularity was the Deputy Mayor of Palmi, Giuseppe Saletta who also adds that the site will be monitored by video cameras which should help prevent vandalism. Saletta went on to say that some adjacent land was rehabilitated according to the act allowing the legal reclamation and rehabilitation of illicit land accessible to the community. The members of the guild of sailors admit that their initiative is always under the context of “friendly competition,” where all the other guilds work together in a sense of competition and at the same brotherhood.

Two hundred young people representing the “Varia” will come together in unison this August 28th. Representing the guild of sailors during the conference were Eugenio Create, Salvatore Saffioti and Gianluca Spampinato while the municipal manager, Antonello Scarfone, also a “sailor,” explained the specific details of the telescope and its precise positioning. The president of the association ‘mbuttaturi Massimiliano Isola concluded by reiterating how the strength of the association resides precisely in the union between the corporations and in the possibility of cooperation with institutional bodies.