The Bova-Gallicianò nature itinerary has been reopened

Thanks to the Park of Aspromonte authority, the paths of Calabrian Greeks have been made accessible again

The nature itinerary which goes from Bova to Gallicianò has finally been re-opened. The inauguration event was held on October 18, during an initiative launched by the Park Authority and the cooperative “Tutela dell’Aspromonte”, that carried out the reopening works.

Owing to this initiative – which is part of a Park Authority programme aimed at making all routes and itineraries in this area fully accessible – one of the most fascinating corners of Greek Calabria can now be visited again.

Sentiero Bova-Gallicianò 1

As per 1997 Mountain Law n.94, in order to grant accessibility to the locations that are most representative of Aspromonte, the National Park of Aspromonte Authority  has entrusted the agricultural and forest cooperatives within the reserve area with special maintenance responsibilities.

Consequently, funds of more than one million Euros were raised for the Rural Development Plan of Calabria  ,enabling 14 local cooperatives to carry out works of environmental improvement within a 130-kilometre network.

As the Park Authority Head Giuseppe Bombino pointed out during the inauguration event in Gallicianò: “paths, routes and nature itineraries are our basic infrastructures, and constitute the best opportunity for development within our territory. Investments on environmental protection and landscape promotion are highly likely to create job opportunities, especially for young people”. It is undoubtedly true that ideas and projects in this domain are bound to exert a positive influence on local economy, as they are sure to promote tourism and maximize regional resources.