Sila National Park – latest news

Sonia Ferrari, Commissioner of the National Park of Sila, has been appointed member of the World Commission on Protected Areas of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Also known by the acronym WCPA (World Commission on Protected Areas), composed of members from over 140 countries, it is one of six commissions of IUCN and has as the goal of promoting the creation and effective management of a worldwide network of terrestrial and marine protected areas as a fundamental contribution to the IUCN mission. The news came in recent days, then shortly after, UNESCO informed the silane Park that at the request of the IUCN and in agreement with the Minister of the Environment, that there will be in the coming months an assessment mission of the nominated Park in an effort to become a World Heritage Site.  This moment seems to be particularly favorable to the protected area of ​​Sila, increasingly more appreciated at a national and international level as evidenced by the number of visitors recorded by the Territorial office for Biodiversity of the Forest Service of the State of Cosenza.  The data shows, for example, that about 215,000 visitors registered the Visitor Center of Cupone just last year alone, a figure that aligns with the results of a recent survey by IPRMarketing and UniVerde Foundation, chaired by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, placing the national Park of Sila on the top list of the best known parks in Italy. The number of visitors to the nature reserve “The Giants of Sila” confirms the reputation of the Park (approx. 15,000 last year), who recently awarded the Italian Environment Fund (FAI) the management duties for the Reserve, thus stipulating an agreement which favors a joint project towards the valorization of a place like Sila with extraordinary characteristics and specificities, to facilitate enhancement and usability.

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