Enjoy Tropea and the Coast of Gods from another perspective with Passione Sud

You must consider a holiday in Tropea, the pearl of Calabria, so beautiful you’re left without words, from its white beaches to its beautiful “aquamarine” colored coastline; think of the fascination of the imposing fortress and then … think about how one might admire it from a fresh view, perhaps that of a seagull maybe?

Far from everyone, at a height of 120 meters above sea level… flying over the coast, caressed by the wind, suspended in blue. It’s not science fiction, it’s called Parasailing, an experience to share together with friends, to capture a unique glance of the enchanting coastline, the cliffs, the coves and to really feel free. Offering this opportunity is Passione Sud, a Travel Experience specialist agency that, for the first time, introduced this sport to Calabria. In essence, you will be able to ride on the sea attached to a parachute, towed by a boat that is designed specifically for take-offs and landings.

We’ll share with you our experience, together with a couple from Civitavecchia, Sandro Perondi and Emilia Pierucci who chose to accent their holiday in Tropea with this unique, romantic and adrenaline filled activity.

The appointment was at the tourist harbor of Tropea: here we are welcomed by Antonio Varrà and Bruno Cuteri, the staff of Passione Sud, who made our trip into mid-air extraordinary. Among the spirited jokes of Antonio, director of Passione Sud, who managed to immediately create the right atmosphere on the boat; and the “preparation to fly” – parasailing requires special equipment provided by the agency – we arrived where the sea is the most blue. Here, after two directives by Antonio on in-flight form, our Civitavecchia friends took to the sky slowly soon becoming only distant tiny dots. For 20 minutes Sandro and Emilia enjoyed their adventure suspended by the sea, along the fascinating coast of the gods, in lonely solitude.

A fantastic experience,” Emilia commented immediately upon her return to the boat, it’s like you are living in another dimension where absolute peace reigns. You don’t feel anything but the wind … it’s an amazing feeling … and of course the scenery is beautiful!”

Of course, we do not know what they actually experienced up there, but their experience will forever remain on video, not just in their hearts and memories thanks to the use of GoPro by Passione Sud, provided to those who want to create an indelible memory of their adventure between heaven and sea “made in Calabria.”

Even Sandro, at first a bit skeptical, confessing that he had been persuaded by love, while returning to shore, enthusiastic and calm, convinced us to do it too! Thanks to Passione Sud, we were able to feel carried by the wind, swinging in the sky, with the legs dangling towards the sea and the mesmerized by the coast.  For a while we  and for a while, we too were able to forget our worries and thoughts and be absorbed into our own inner world, lulled by the waves.

Obviously we urge you to contact Passione Sud and take advantage of the opportunity to admire the coast of Gods from another perspective! Everything is done to assure maximum safety. Everyone can do it, even children with the consent of their parents.

For those who are planning a vacation in Calabria with a stop along the Coast of Tropea, but don’t want to do “the usual, trivial things,” we invite you to contact the agency: Passione Sud offers a unique and personal travel experience to appreciate this paradisiacal coastline from many points of view! With Passione Sud, Calabria, especially the Coast of the Gods, will forever be imprinted in your memory!

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