Pedro’s, the most “social” pizza there is!

It’s called PEDRO’S and it was born in Cariati, in the province of Cosenza, Calabria, an app to order your own pizza from your smartphone introduced ​​by Fabio Pugliese, managing director of SITACEM.COM, (available on Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS), already booming in downloads.

Pizza has always been synonymous with conviviality and the desire to dine together.  Derived from this concept was the idea to render more social the reciprocal and precious relationship between Peter Tangari, for all PEDRO ‘S, and its customers.

That’s how SITACEM.COM began with the planning of the app commissioned by PEDRO’s.

Pietro Tangari

A service app, innovative and technological. Easy to use and foolproof. Through the application you download on your phone you are offered the opportunity to order a pizza, a pan pizza or even book a table: in Rossano at the Galleria S. Filomena or in Cariati at the Pizzeria di Via Stefano Patrizi.

The app has passed all tests and there is no way to make a mistake. When you book or leave a comment, you’ll receive feedback. Thanks to the push system, the user receives notifications on their mobile phone every time you publish an update.  To facilitate the process, within the app “PIZZERIA PEDROS ” there is also a menu of pizzas including specials, house menu with appetizers, first courses, second courses with fish or meat, sides, and roasted items.

In 2016 there will also be pizzas with cultural identities:  “al Tartufo del Pollino” (truffles and chicken), “alla polvere di Liquirizia Amerelli e petali di carciofi”, (licorice dust and artichoke petals), “the Codex”, and the “Pizza for Slow Food” with the two garrisons, Moscato of Saracena and Caciocavallo Ciminà.

Within the menu there is also a calendar so you can be kept updated on all scheduled event.