Pedro’s pizza receives award in Offenbach

Identifiable and quality remain the essential requisites for choosing ingredients to be used in a dish and continue to reward for all of the hard work of those, like PEDRO’S, who are invested in promoting their own territory through their work. Without the quality of authentic products and the trace-ability of the supply chain, the label “Made in Italy” remains just an empty word, easily imitated and falsified.

Recently receiving new recognition was to the multi award-winning and esteemed master pizza chefs of Cariati in Offenbach, Germany, at the 1st Culinary Festival.

With commitment and sacrifice they have transformed the art of making a good Italian pizza into a tool for promoting good and authentic Italian cuisine throughout the world. This was the motivation behind the plaque awarded by the mayor of the town of Frankfurt, Horst SCHNEIDER.

PEDRO’S were the only pizza chefs to participate in the event promoted by the Association of Italian Restaurateurs in Germany (ARMIG), represented by Leonardo TRENTO in collaboration with the City of Offenbach, which will soon be paired with MANDATORICCIO, and the Italian Consulate in FRANKFURT.

Accompanied by Simone RISPOLI, Antonio LAMOTTA and Antonio CASO, PEDRO’S received many compliments and much appreciation, also receiving some proposals for transferring the business to Germany.

Among the proposed pizzas were those with identifiable products: the Pollino Truffle, the Amarelli licorice powder and artichokes, the Codex, and the Pizza for Slow Food with the two star products, Moscato of Saracena and Caciocavallo of Ciminà.

With PEDRO’S, master pizza chef at API – Associazione Pizzerie Italiane collaborated with Andrea GRECO, owner of several pizzerias in Germany, and Saverio PALETTA of Florian Saverio’s in Frankfurt.


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