Taking the Podium in Calabria: from Mileto to the world stage

yescalabria_miletomarathon_02The passion for sport and the desire to do it, make it known and embody the social values in it.  In this spirit the A.S.D. Mileto Marathon was born, the Calabrian running club, represented by President Salvatore Auddino. His love for this sport, his spirit of dedication have captured a growing number of people, even involving an inland country, precisely Mileto and its neighboring villages, which has given rise to other sports clubs.

Today Mileto Marathon organizes, in collaboration with the FIDAL, CONI Region of Calabria and ASI Calabria, one of best known road races recognized at a national and international level: the Norman.  A name given by President Auddino to remember the glorious past of Mileto, appointed by Roger I of Hauteville, capital of the county.

As symbol to the illustrious history, each year Mileto relives this day of antique splendour, thanks to the love of running, that brings to the small town in the province of Vibo Valentia numerous Italian and foreign athletes, top runners and especially tourists.

“At the Norman there are grand champions of the world” – says Auddino, referring to the Kenyan athletes who excel in this discipline – “The race is an excellence of Calabria.  In 2015, here in our small town, the fastest time was recorded of the Italian men’s 10 km.  If we think how many athletes and tourists, not only Italian, the race brings on our territory, we understand the social and economic value of this competition.”

“It is the people who create the wealth of a region,” added the president of the Mileto Marathon looking to sport as an “opportunity to create development and growth within a society.”  History proves it: after living many years in Rome, he returned to Mileto, and the race allowed him to get in touch with others, make new friends with whom to share this passion and to turn it into something concrete: a club, a reference point for all those who want to learn this discipline both amateur and competitive. “Athletics offers an immense wealth,”  is the message that Auddino is keen to launch and that sums up the road taken and the valour that Mileto Marathon expresses.

We invite everyone to the edition 2016 of the Norman. The date is already official, August 18, 2016.

An opportunity to discover the beauty of our territory and become acquainted to this world made through sacrifice, athletic training, but also friendship and desire to do better.