Premio Elmo: the fourth edition of the Art Week


Premio Elmo, a prestigious recognition created in 2012 by the cultural association Piazza Dalì in Rizziconi, is coming back on July 31. The prize, whose shape was inspired by patron Saint Teodoro’s helmet, is assigned to artists, cultural associations and local personalities who have proved their dedication to the promotion of art and culture in Southern Italy.

Coordinated by their president Gianmarco Pulimeni, the members of cultural association “Piazza Dalì” have been enthusiastically carrying out their activity in the Plain of Gioia Tauro area for more than ten years. They decided to institute the Elmo Awards with a view to paying their homage to those people and associations in the regional scene whose passion for art and culture has reached important achievements.

The event is under the aegis of the Township of Rizziconi and the Regional Council of Calabria, in collaboration with the associations “Arte & Cultura of Taormina”, “Sefora Cardone Onlus” of Potenza and Auser territoriale of Gioia Tauro.

Accompanied by Vincenzo Argiro’s music, the prize-giving ceremony will be held on July 28. During the four previous days, the streets and shops of Rizziconi will come alive, as they will host plenty of free exhibitions. Finally on the night of July 31, at 9.30 pm, Marina Malara will host the closing event in Piazza Marconi.

Among the artists who will exhibit their works: Luigia Granata, a collective of Italian-Portuguese photographers (Anna Luana TallaritaMargarida CautelaAndré Picardo), and the two Calabrian artists Giovanni Longo and Giuseppe Lo Schiavo (who have been chosen as this year’s winners in the Artists’ category).

The awards for the Writers and Journalists category will go to the journalist Paride Leporace and the writer Massimo Maugeri, whereas the winners in the Associations and Foundations category will be La zattera dell’Arte from Messina and Museo del Presente from Rende.

Special awards will be assigned to journalist Angelo De Luca and human rights activist Dijana Pavlovic.

Among the jurors: the journalist and president of Sicilian association “Arte e Culture Taormina” Maria Teresa Papale, a frequent collaborator of the Piazza Dalì association.