Project Open Churches 2016: Itinerary of art and faith in Reggio Calabria

Chiese aperte 2016_Programma del CorsoThe Archdiocese of Reggio Calabria-Bova, through the Office of Cultural Heritage, has been promoting since 2013, the Project Open Churches, oriented towards volunteers engaged in initiatives regarding the conservation, protection and enhancement of religious buildings of significant historical interest.

Now in its fourth edition, the project, financed with contributions by the Catholic Church and implemented by the Associazione di volontariato Did.Ar.T. Didattica Arte Territorio, that in 2016 is dedicated to the art and faith itineraries in Reggio Calabria.

The emergence of architectural and artistic/historical involved are situated in the historic center and in the immediate vicinity: in particular, the churches of Optimates: of Santo Cristo or Arciconfraternita dei Bianchi, of Rosario, of Gesù e Maria, of San Giuseppe al Corso, of San Pietro al Calopinace, of Graziella and Sant’Antonio ad Archi, and in addition, forming a site of excellence, the ruins of the medieval church of San Giovanni extra muros (sec. XII) on via Giudecca.

The Project Open Churches 2016 provides for the holding of a training course aimed at those, volunteers and parishes regardless of origin, who are interested in acquiring the necessary skills to contribute in various ways to the promotion and enhancement of diocesan ecclesiastical cultural heritage initiatives. Among the topics covered during the course, entrusted to qualified teachers: The ecclesiastical cultural heritage in the Magisterium of the Church; The role of volunteering in the protection of ecclesiastical cultural heritage; excavations and archaeological findings in the city of Reggio Calabria; religious architecture in Reggio before 1908; The post-earthquake reconstruction of churches; Sacred art between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries in the churches of Reggio Calabria; The church of St. Antonio ad Archi: history, architecture and restoration; And the churches of St. Gregorio magno: history, art and architecture.

In particular, for the 2016 edition of Open Churches, attention is being devoted to the theme of art as an instrument of catechesis, through the training course Don Antonio Scattolini, (Catechetical Official Director of the Diocese of Verona), who was responsible for his pioneering experiences in educational and catechetical art, and two young researchers Spanish, Beatriz Laguillo and Cesar Suarez, belonging to the Association Pietre vive, who illustrate pedagogy, an approach to art and content, also through a laboratory provided in the Cathedral and in the Museum diocesan.

The training course will take place from May 13th to June 18th, held in two weekly sessions (Friday and Saturday), some of which are held at sites of interest. At the end of the Project participants will be issued a certificate of participation.

The Project Open Churches 2016 has the patronage of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, is shared by the Regional Secretariat for the Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Calabria, and relies on the partnership of the Conservatory “Cilea” and the Italian Touring Club – Club of Reggio Calabria territory.

Info and registration (by May 11th) at the Diocesan Museum (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9am-1pm), by downloading the appropriate form from the website of ‘Archdiocese of Reggio-Bova, or by contacting the Associazione Did.Ar.T. Didattica Arte Territorio(cell. 3891968047;