Calendar of events of the “Sere D’Estate” in Cirò

The eight-pointed star representing a sundial surrounded by horoscope signs, an inspired architonic work of the sixteenth century and dedicated to the Riforma del Calendario of Lilio  will finally be visible to everyone. Today, August 8, at 9am, the doors of the CARAFA Castle in Cirò (KR) will be open.

Then, at 8:30pm, is the traveling theatrical performance IL RISORGIMENTO DI LUIGI LILIO. Between the streets of the hamlet, the historical procession will proceed, curated by the Park Tommaso CAMPANELLA of Cosenza.

Mayor Francesco PALETTA reiterates the commitment that this Municipal Administration, in continuation with what was done by the previous administration, intends to invest in the upgrading and recovery of what is destined to become among the most important identity markers of the City of Wine and of Calendars as well as the entire territory.

Continuing with the success of SERE D’ESTATE, the summer cultural social program proposed by the Municipal Administration.

On Sunday, 6th, there was a roundtable discussion on the subject of financial education, which has seen among the main speakers, trainer and financial advisor Ferdinando LETTIERI. The event was attended by Francesco MUSSUTO, Culture Counselor and Cataldino SCAROLA Tourism Officer, Dina DE MARCO of the LAV Group of Cirò Marina and Gianluca TOMMASIELLO, an expert in Cultural Studies and Digital Communication who have proposed reading on the phenomenon of the games of risk.


MARCH 9th at 9.30 pm in Piazza Stefano PUGLIESE will be the literary music show MALURA of Cataldo PERRI & Lo Squintetto.

THURSDAY 10th, at 9.30 pm in Piazza della Legalità and Libertà, the graphic novel by Francesco VIZZA and Giuseppe CAPOANO, LUIGI LILIO IL DOMINIO DEL TEMPO will be presented. Following, on the terrace of the Palazzo dei Musei OSSERVZIONI CELESTI with the participation of the Circolo Castrofili Luigi LILIO of Crucoli.

SATURDAY 12th at 6pm, at the Bastione Canone, in the historic center, the CALICI DI STELLE and INCONTRI DI VINI NEL BORGO ANTICO. Between music and food and wine, the event is organized by the cultural association LE QUATTRO PORTE.

SUNDAY 13th, at 6pm, will be CORRI NEL BORGO, the amateur marathon from Rione Sant’Elia, passing through the streets of the old town will arrive in Piazza della Repubblica.

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