Reggio Calabria takes part in Wiki Loves Monuments 2016. Sixteen Italian landmarks chosen for the Competition

Wiki-Loves-MonumentsFor the first time Reggio Calabria will participate in the international contest organized by Wikimedia Italy to protect and enhance our cultural heritage.

Kicking off the important contest “Wiki Loves Monuments Italia:” the city of Reggio Calabria will take part in the photo contest sponsored by the Wikimedia Italy, which will last until September 30th, 2016. The initiative aims to create a large online photo database that can catalog the Italian monuments, even the lesser known ones, helping to develop new entries in Wikipedia. The ten best shots of the Italian national competition advance to the world competition.

Initiated in 2010 in the Netherlands, Wiki Loves Monuments has become in a few short years a global event.  Already, the 2015 edition confirmed the huge success in Italy, thanks to the participation of nearly 1,000 photographers, which have captured more than 5,000 monuments in our country. Starting this year Reggio Calabria chose to do their part, “freeing” many important works of the city’s artistic and architectural heritage.

In Italy, in fact, the use of photographs of monuments is regulated by the so-called “Urban Codes” and the now “Art Bonus:” These regulations do not allow one to photograph the monuments (out of copyright) and republish them with the license of free use, Creative Commons, without a specific authorization by the regional or private authorities, who have control over, or are private owners of the property.

The City Council, on the impulse of Mayor Falcomatà, has decided to work with great enthusiasm on “Wiki Loves Monuments Italia:! “This is an important opportunity to get to know better some of the symbolic places of our artistic heritage, both architectural and archaeological. Join and support “Wiki Loves Monuments” as it is an effective way to spread the principle of free culture, while enhancing our richness,” said the mayor.

The symbolic places chosen for the Contest as free to photograph are: Palazzo San Giorgio, the Aragonese Castle, the Teatro Cilea, the Civic Art Gallery, the Arena of the Strait, the Rabarama artist statues, the Roman Baths, the Greek Walls, the War Memorial, the Hellenistic tomb on via Tripepi, archaeological sites at via Trabochetto and San Leo, Piazza Duomo, Piazza Italia and the Odéon of Sao Paulo.