In Reggio Calabria an exemplary event to launch a message of solidarity

yescalabria_oltrelemacerie_08In Reggio Calabria, an exemplary concert in the name of solidarity.

On September 12th at the Arena dello Stretto, the festival “Oltre le macerie – Artisti Solidali” (Beyond the rubble – Solidarity Artists) was held.  Representatives of art and music from the toe of the boot; from Vibo Valentia to Gioiosa Jonica, performed in the magical scenery dominated by Cippo Marmoreo and from the Strait of Messina, to raise funds for victims of the earthquake in central Italy.

Although the weather was not ideally lenient, forcing the event to end ahead of schedule, the evening provided much emotion right from the start, with the spectacular performance by Pagliacci Clandestini and additional actors, dancers and children’s entertainers.  Music filled the scene with the alternating of folk groups, ethno and world music, soloists and singers who shared their unreleased material and their own compositions.yescalabria_oltrelemacerie_06

Participating artists according to the exhibition program were: Diego Pizzimenti; ND’ARRANCIAMU; Nino Pizzimenti; Alessio Ciccolo; AKUSMA; Picc.Teatro della Scaletta; FABER QUARTET; Compagnia SINTESI; GIOIA POPOLARE; KALANTHOS; Compagnia Sintesi; FABULANOVA; Alessandro Santacaterina; Adele Laface; Antonio Condello; Augusto Favaloro BAND; Valentina Sofio e David James Abbott; Ciccio Nucera & CUMELCA.

Event organizers, the Fabulanova Association, in the name of President Fulvio Cama, thank all the artists who contributed to the event and who fully embracing the solidarity objective of the event as well as the citizens who responded to the call. Special thanks also to the Presidency of the Regional Council and the councilors who supported the event with a donation.

We would like to remind everyone that it is still possible to show a gesture of solidarity by making a contribution by bank transfer to Monte dei Paschi di Siena – a subsidiary of Rome – Via del Corso, 232 – Iban: IT 44 P 01030 03200 000006366341, beneficiary: PRES. CONS. MINISTERS DIP. PROT. CIVIL – VIA ULPIANO 11-00193 ROMA (RM), reason: “Emergency Earthquake in Central Italy” (in the case of transfers from abroad, bringing the Bic / Swift PASCITMMROM code).