Reggio, weekend of flavor in Piazza Duomo with tastings of cannoli, ice cream and local breads

Taste the synergy between Fattoria della Piana, with its ricotta and its EVO oil, the APAR pastry chefs and local bread makers for three events in the name of flavor on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of December.

A weekend dedicated to flavor, freshness and quality in Piazza Duomo, which will see the coming together of three specialties: the mastery of local confectioners, the Stretto bakers, and the excellence of the products of Fattoria della Piana: the protagonists: Ricotta and the EVO oil. Between Saturday and Sunday, as part of the “Incroci sotto l’Albero” festival, the people of Reggio are invited to taste the local breads with extra-virgin olive oil from Fattoria della Piana (Sunday morning) and two high-quality pastry products such as cannoli of the Apar associates and ice cream by Cesare (on Saturday and Sunday afternoon), made with one of the Fattoria’s flagship products, ricotta. The synergy between the master craftsmen of Reggio Calabria and the leading cooperative in the production of cheeses in Calabria, led by Carmelo Basile, has produced a program of three events in which you can taste – until exhaustion – high quality products and goodness made in our land . The master craftsmen will prepare their products on the stage of the Tree of Lights inside the Christmas Markets made by the Comitato Corso Sud.

It all begins on Saturday, December 16th at 5pm for the first of two afternoons of “Dolce Natale” with a free tasting of cannoli and ice cream with fresh ricotta.

Sunday, December 17th, at 10am, a convivial moment not to be missed: “Good as bread”, the tasting of the many types of locals Bread with EVO oil, superior cold-pressed olive oil from Fattoria della Piana.

Also Sunday, December 17th, at 5pm, the ricotta of Fattoria della Piana will continue to take shape and sweetness in the art of pastry Aparcon the second free tasting that will be followed by the performance of the Rossana dance school.

In case of bad weather events will be postponed to another date that will be communicated later.