Rende: an audience of 30.000 for Cristiano De Andrè at the University of Calabria

An audience of 30.000 invaded Ponte Bucci at the University of Calabria in Rende to witness Cristiano De Andre’s special concert. Also present on stage, Mauro Pagani and Nello Daniele. Conceived as a double homage to Fabrizio De Andrè  and Pino Daniele, specially created for the event La notte dei ricercatori set up by Unical, the concert fully met the expectations of its enthusiastic audience. Skillfully hosted by Gian Maurizio Foderaro, the event was opened by an inauguration speech the University Headmaster Gino Mirocle Crisci, who received the “Riccio d’argento” awarded by the organizers of the initiative “Fatti di musica” and handcrafted by goldsmith Gerardo Sacco. Unical was chosen as the winner in recognition of the significance of the event, a special blend of music, culture and university research. Specially for the occasion, Cristiano De Andrè staged an unforgettable concert, conceived as an homage to his father; also on stage as special guests, there were Mauro Pagani, composer and former member of now-disbanded PFM who collaborated with Fabrizio De Andrè for his album “La buona novella”, and the songwriter and guitar player Nello Daniele, brother of the much celebrated Pino. Enthusiastic roars from the audience accompanied the performances of “Don Raffaè” and “Napule è”, two songs that De Andrè, Daniele and Pagani played for the first time together, aided by Osvaldo Di Dio’s guitar, Davide Pezzin’s basso and Davide De Vito’s drums. Theirs was an exceptional on-stage meeting, that managed to fill this edition of La notte dei ricercatori with the warmness of unforgettable feelings. This three-hour concert will be remembered as one of Cristiano De Andre’s best performances in Calabria. The headmaster Crisci, the Cultural Events delegate of the University of Calabria Fabio Vincenzi and the organizer and promoter of the event Ruggero Pegna also declared to have shared in the three artists’ sense of full reward and satisfaction after the concert.