REVOILUTION, the innovative Calabrian kitchen gadget to make fresh olive at home

yescalabria_revoilution_01We have already announced this new Made in Calabria initiative more than a year ago in an article written by Barbara Presta,  Now, what seems like a more futuristic project has become a reality: in addition to our regular kitchen appliances, we can now add REVOILUTION, the first pressed olive oil machine. An idea of ​​AGE, a startup based in Lamezia Terme engaged in the food-tech industry, founded by Antonio Pagliaro, assisted by a team of experts in the food industry and electromechanical technologies. Already  a winner of Talent Lab Calabria, selected by Start Up Initiative  (by Intesa Sanpaolo, aimed at promoting high-tech companies) and also shown at the Expo in Milan, AGE has won numerous awards, including the Green Oscar 2016 in the category “Fare Rete.”  The motivation for the award promoted by Coldiretti Giovani Impresa, with the patronage of the President of the Republic, says much about the meaning of this revolution.  Because EVO oil is considered an elixir of youth for the high content of polyphenols, it is essential that it’s consumed very soon after pressing.

Its gradual aging loses its nutritional properties and aromatic notes. REVOILUTION is the only existing domestic olive press today which allows one to produce a real-time oil by cold pressing of the olives. In short, an innovation at the service of health, culture, good living and biodiversity.yescalabria_revoilution_02

The basic idea that sparked its inventor, Antonio Pagliario, was precisely that, to prevent the adulteration of the olive oil. We’re speaking of one of the most counterfeited products in the world. Especially extra virgin, which is among the symbols of agribusiness and Made in Italy quality but is the victim of alteration, adulteration and counterfeiting. Basically, by buying oil at the supermarket we can’t be assured of the quality.

REVOILUTION invites us to critical consumption, and to resort to homemade oil as a guarantee of quality, organoleptic and healthy.   If you’re thinking this is too fussy for the hectic pace of today’s world, you are wrong. The portable crusher is small, handy and easily used, just like a food processor.  There are two commercially available versions: Revoilution and Rovoilution Pro. The first device mimics the method of an espresso coffee pod machine. Only in this case the pods contain confections of pulp of fresh, pitted olives which are frozen in convenient cubes in order to preserve their fragrance. Just press the button to always have fresh oil.  With the crushed pulp you can then prepare delicious crostini with tapenade. The other machine, however uses whole olives and is therefore used by those who prefer to use the whole fruit and do not want to use the frozen cubes.

Visit the REVOILUTION site to learn more about the device and how to buy it: 

Buona Calabria to all!