The new season of Teatro della Maruca

Maruca Zampalesta

Fifty shows and plays, singing classes, music, theatre and intensive workshops devoted to music and the performing arts: once again, Teatro della Maruca (a cultural association that has animated the cultural landscape of Crotone for a quite a few years now) has planned out a significantly rich theatre season.

Following their well-tested artistic path, the staff of Teatro della Maruca will regale their audience, which is partly made of children and families, with the performances of many artistically skilled companies:Scenari Visibili, Francesco Loccisano Trio, Avamposto Teatro, Christian Di Domenico, Teatro Clandestino Sud, La Ribalta Teatro, Teatro Rosso Simona, Fabio Macagnino e Jasmine Coast Band, Francesco Prestia, Cattivo Costume and many more. Acting classes, as well as singing lessons held by the teacher Maurizio Guerra and courses in Afro-Brazilian percussions under Felice Pingitore’s direction will complement the artistic programme. There will also be intensive workshops held by the performing artists.

This totally self-financed new season will begin on October 3 – the anniversary of La Maruca’s foundation – with a parade in which a company of stilters will march through the historic centre. It will set off from Piazza Pitagora at 7 pm, accompanying the audience to Via Vittorio Veneto 124/D, a little alley  where a number of small artistic performances will be offered them. There will also be a stand to buy the season tickets and sign up for the workshops and classes.

The real artistic season will begin on the following day with “Pulcinella e Zampalesta nella terra dei fuochi”, the premiere of a play which is about to embark on an international tour.