“Rosarno. Autoritratti” 28th December short film by Andrea Nevi

Saturday, December 28 at 6:00pm at the Mediatheque comunale “F. Foberti ” of Rosarno (RC) will host the event Rosarno. Self-portraits.

The event takes its name from the title of the short film made by the Umbrian director Andrea Nevi, at the core of the project, KIWI, Deliziosa Guida, Rosarno Ulteriore, which will be shown before the event.

The short film tells the stories of seven young people from Rosarno as protagonists, in their own words, gestures and emotions, their daily lives as “otherwise special” people.

In the coming days, the media center will also be the scene of light installations and a jam session organized by young artists of the Piana di Gioia Tauro.

The evening of December 28th will be a pause in a long journey that A di Città has been undertaking for a year, with the aim of publishing a shared leadership of the city of Rosarno written by citizens and travelers and with the collaboration of the associations of Rosarno. The publication will be made in January 2016 by the Umbrian publishing house Via Industriae through a campaign of the crowfunding platform www.produzionidalbasso.com.

The event is organized by the associations A di Città and Diversamente Liberi di Medmarte Onlus and PianaRock, with collaboration by Mediateca F. Foberti.