Rosarno for Africa: in Kenya, the inauguration of a drinking water well

A great demonstration of solidarity was made possible by a fund-raising initiative carried out by the association Nuovamente

The fund-raising campaign launched by the association Nuovamente of Rosarno lasted two years. Its main objective to enable the construction of a drinking water well in the district of Kajado – Kenya, supervised by the international organization AMREF, has finally become reality, as the well is now in working order.

Rosarno for Africa

Located in a poverty-stricken area of Kenya, this well will allow a community of mainly women and children to strengthen their infrastructure maintenance skills and improve the observance of the basic health and sanitation principles.

All this was made possible thanks to the Provincial and Local Councils of Rosarno, to a group of artists (Gospel Project from Palermo, VeipoFluteChoir and Vocal Ensemble, Piero Procopio, Nino Forestieri, Andrea Naso and Paolo Cutuli) who decided to donate to the cause all income from performances carried out in the city-centre, and to a good number of other donations coming from private citizens.

As the President of Nuovamente Maria Carmela Greco pointed out, the programme of Rosarno for Africa also provides for a project of community education to be carried out by AMREF, aimed at giving Africans the necessary grounding to tend to health issues in their country. The combination of clean water and adequate sanitary conditions therefore becomes a pre-requisite for success in the fight against poverty, hunger and child mortality.

All members of the association, as well as ex-president Giuseppe Riggio (who was the original promoter of this initiative) and the participating artists and institutions rejoiced at the inauguration of the water well.

It is a significant gift of hope, from Rosarno ti Africa.