Rovaglioso: environmentalism, nature and myth

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The bay of Rovaglioso is one of those natural beauties that leave visitors with their mouths agape, one of those places any explorer should tenaciously seek out and discover. It is located on the Tyrrhenian side of the province of Reggio Calabria, more precisely in Palmi along the route leading to the railway station; all it takes to reach it is to turn left after travelling a few hundred meters along the route and follow the signs. After a short itinerary, there appears a small square, a place whose main characteristic is the enormous sense of respect some of the local people show towards it. A sign reads “Rovaglioso: under the protection of a few good-willing citizens of Palmi”, while a few other notices jokingly invite visitors to keep the precincts clean.foto fb ravaglioso (6)

There is also a number of other objects on display that constitute an example of “creative recycling”, such as demijohns  turned into flower vases or a big table which could be regarded as a kind of “eco-friendly open-air parlour” obtained from one of those giant wooden cable drums that are commonly used in factories. This ensemble is in perfect keeping  with its setting, whose accessibility was restored a few years ago, so that the rocks which run along the bay are now reachable by means of a long stairway. However steep, the path can be followed by anybody, as the flights of stairs are interspersed with benches where tired visitors can rest. Upon reaching  the end of this walk, the spectacular natural scenery offered by this segment of the Costa Viola finally appears. A landscape which embraces some of those places that have become symbols of Palmi: the Saracen tower of Taureana on the right and the small bay of Marinella leaning left.IMG_0701

Finally, there is a myth, a legend which leads us back to the noble origins of Magna Grecia. The natural bay is also named Porto Oreste, after Clytemnestra and Agamemnon’s son: according to a fascinating legend, Horestes took refuge in Rovagnoso in an attempt to recuperate his energy after murdering his mother. Suspended between myth and nature, enhanced by environmental sustainability and its rock-strewn waters, Rovaglioso is one of those places that truly  nourish the soul.