In Saracena an Exchange Library is Born

yescalabria_barbara_forte_01-minIt is called “Il Fiore di Aria,” a cultural association and exchange library.  An idea by ​​Barbara Forte, a young Saraceni professional which is finally becoming a reality. The ribbon will be cut on May 6th at 5:30 pm at the headquarters of the Association located on Via Carlo Pisacane, between the Town Hall and the Church of San Leone, patron of the small hamlet of Pollino.

Then, on to the Municipal Council Hall in the Municipal Square, where the project will be presented with the attendance of several  important guests. After Forte addresses the crowd, as president and chairman of the association, she will pass the microphone to Vincenzo Tamburi, Mayor of San Basile and Councilor of the Province of Cosenza, the translator and founder of a publishing house in Argentina (“Le Pecore Neri Editorial”) Maria Pina Iannuzzi, Prof. Attilio Vaccaro, professor of medieval history at the University of Calabria. The latter will have a brief report on the history of the city of Saracena, from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age.

“The Association – explains President Forte – has the responsibility of helping to reinvigorate the community, promoting cultural, recreation and hobbies, tourism, environmental protection and landscaping as well as cultural heritage, but also educational and training activities in various areas of social and cultural life. We are an all-female association, which is not a secondary aspect.”

“In short, we have ambitious cultural and social goals, we wish to contribute to making the life of a small community jointly responsible with ours to create the conditions for the realization and fulfillment of the need for sociability and exchange of knowledge and experience. The exchange library is an experience which has been already tested in some important Italian cities, such as Bologna and Trieste. We hope that Saracena will also appreciate being visited, lived in and used.”

“We hope – she concludes – that the event is as attractive as possible and that new contributions are made to our project. When a place of confrontation and culture is born, it is always an event for the whole community, a sign of growth and development.”