“Scivediamo” in Saracena to open the ski season!

sci_vediamo_yesIn Saracena (CS), on the cornice of the Novacco plateau, this year we have again “Scivediamo,” an event sponsored by the local ski club. The date chosen is Sunday, January 8th. The initiative can be seen as the opening event of the 2017 ski season, open also to amateurs, who will see the  support and coaching of technical staff of the “Leone Viola” club, named for the engineer, writer, multifaceted intellectual and Saracena native who died a few years ago.

The association has promoted for years, within the beautiful scenery of the mountains of Saratoga in the heart of the Pollino National Park, the practice of cross-country skiing and other hiking activities, valorizing the territory for tourism purposes.

In a recent interview with Yes Calabria, club president, Fabio Alfano, described the group’s activities: “Our activities aim to raise awareness amongst the population to a conscious knowledge of the territory, finally recognized as an important national asset, to requalify and admire, promoting the concept that you can fully experience the mountains without disrupting in any way its beauty.  We like the low temperatures and many of our association’s activities take place during the winter season: ski touring and ski mountaineering follow us on our adventures. retracing the routes that we propose. In the warmer seasons the association doesn’t quit, dedicating itself to hiking activities and rediscovery of territory, organizing trips among the peaks of the Pollino National Park … and more.”Massimo D'Atri

“Fresh from the success of last year – write the organizers – this year we want to reintroduce an event that will give you opportunity to taste the first snow of 2017!” Along with the snow, you can also “taste” the delicacies prepared at the restaurant of the Tourist Center by chef Massimo D’Atri.

“We  are doing our best – exclaims D’Atri  to Yes Calabria – to make the most of our offer, combining typical products and innovation in the packaging of food, still favoring local products. Since we took over the management of the restaurant, we are focusing on quality. We take our customers by the throat, in short, and the customers reciprocate with their praise and by returning!”  So what do you say then?  It’s off to Saracena for a day that promises to be very interesting!