Scuderia Ferrari Club of RC: wins best banner for F1

For the first year so bright and intense, they would organize a petition, not just a single signature. It was the spring of 2015 when the Operations Director of the Scuderia Ferrari Club, Mauro Apicella from Reggio Calabria, sanctioned the constitution that revived the association of Reggio. The tradition along the Strait in fact, tells of the first club in red founded by Lillo Cavallo in 1983, in the memory of Gilles Villeneuve.  Cavallo is currently the Honorary President of the current club, alongside the president-founder Claus Romeo.

The opening ceremony of the SFC last April 26th, saw a part of Via De Nava closed entirely with more than 50 Ferrari cars delighted thousands of fans, helping to gage the ambition and dimension of enthusiasm, a full tachometer for the new Ferrari Club.

The promise of the Directors was structured and unique at the same time: to be present at the festival and Grand Prix F1 and arrange the activities of the club also on site, with organized events and gatherings.

The vernissage in the presence of the general public at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, was where the Scuderia Ferrari Club of RC was probably the most numerous: the red tide of the reggini, proudly displayed the banner that would, a few months later, become award winning: a cloth of 4×1 meters, with the typical Forza Ferrari glorifying “True Grit Giusy Versace and tradition of the Bronze Riace,” reproduced in pictures. The old and new icons of the city of the Strait claimed their complete charisma.

The banner was displayed in Maranello, during the three days of the Factory Tour, which saw 20 members of the Reggina club, visit the factory and museum of the Cavallino Rampante. Without forgetting a fitting tribute to the tomb of Enzo Ferrari.

November did not see a drop in passion for the RC SFC, who with 40 members followed the full four days of the World Finals on the track at Mugello, a vintage celebration of the Cavallino Rampante: traditionally, the entire general staff is present at this special event, the Customer Racing teams of the F1 to all the hyper and super cars. In addition to sporting an excellent time in the simulated tire change of a Ferrari F2002 ex-Schumacher, club members captured a peremptory third place finish in the kart race around the inside track of Mugellino, after dominating the semi-finals, arousing admiration for the team and individual performances.

For the club with the most presence in Monza and on the podium of the World Finals, 2015 could yield another standing ovation for the Reggio team: the record in the international competition among the world’s clubs, which would be awarded to the highest voted banner on Facebook.  Reggio Calabria responded to the call, sanctioning hundreds of “Likes” well ahead of the second Ferrari Club in the standings, the clear victor, Giusy Versace-Bronzes of Riace.  The well-deserved victory was reached at Mugello, arriving at the stroke of midnight Sunday, December 6th, (the deadline) with the award going to the Scuderia Ferrari Club for most overall votes. The sights of the Reggio team, however, are not limited to finding the most thumbs up for their banner: the goal is to be the best rookie Ferrari Club for the calendar year, entering the top ten of overall classification despite only a few months of valuation.  For the 125 members, the passion aroused in the territory and agreements with Scuderia and associations, allow them to imagine the next prestigious horizon. The social dinner on December 22nd, will be the culmination of the first year with a thumbs up and set the trigger for 2016.

To live at maximum speed.