Sebastiano Caridi, the greatest pastry chef in Italy, talks to Yes Calabria

A year after winning the second edition of the reality show on RaiDue, Il più grande pasticcere d’Italia, (the greatest pastry chef in Italy), we met with Sebastiano Caridi, in his bakery in Faenza which bears his name. Sebastian tells us about the difficulties as well as the positive aspects of his trade, and leaves us with an important message for young people who want to pursue the same career.

The son of the historic Reggian confectioner Paolo Caridi, Sebastiano, was raised from an early age between pastries and cuisine. He followed in his father’s footsteps by starting in the family bakery before, through various courses held by the greatest Italian masters, he began to specialize in pastry. At the age of 21 he moved to Faenza in the heart of Romagna, joining the historic Florentine pastry, the noted “sartoria del dolce,” founded in 1962 and which specializes in the maintenance of tradition combined with innovation. Now 28, he has become a father, has a self named bakery of his own and in short, many good reasons to be proud!